Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Me as Grand Prize

Dear Zach,

"I finally get to meet you." and continued kissing me, caressing my naked body and untie my towel around my waist while he was still dressed. This was the 3rd time I heard it from the guys I met for the first time. 

I'm not sure why they said it. Or maybe they said it because they finally get the grand prize of winning. Probably the latter. He was the 4th new guy I met last night in months. We had come across each other over Instagram some time in last year. We planned to meet up and fuck but to no avail. Reason because that time he was staying way too far from my place and I thought it wasn't really wise to travel back and forth just to have sex. Since then, I decided to cut him off. 

Recently, I found out that he has shifted somewhere relatively near my home. So I tried my luck and hit him up few days back. Last night, he came over my place at 10.30 pm. Frankly, he looks better in person than in pictures. 

We were making out on my bed and I was so ready to get pounded. I sucked his cut dick so badly for full 5 minutes. I really do enjoy sucking Malay dick these days - cut, long, thick, and fit just nice in my mouth and deep down my throat, and clean. For the next 1 hour, I was thoroughly fucked and boyyy he was so good. He told me he could go on for hours but since he's fasting and back from gym, he was tired. I said "You did great." My ass was literally tearing up. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Marry You

Dear Zach,

"Babe, let's get married!" he said it, over the text. We were in the middle of the text conversation when he popped up this.

"What? lol." I knew he was joking. Maybe halfheartedly. "Why get married?"

"I don't know. I just want to marry you. Be my wife. So that you are only mine."

It's been six months since we last talked. Two weeks ago, I received a text message from him out of the blue saying "I miss you."

We traded texts. Nothing significant. Just usual morning and night greeting. He didn't bother to say much about himself from his side; Neither do I. He sent me goodnight kiss via text on the third night. I did not reply anymore. Since then, we remained silent.


"I would marry you." He kissed me on my lips. We were both naked on my bed as I was snuggling with him.

"oh really?" I took a good look at him, actually he's not that bad. We met up for the third time at my place. He gave me good sex always. I always crave for him more. But he's a pilot - that's the limiting factor.

He slowly slid down his hand to my anus, trying to sink his finger into my butthole. I knew he wanted it.

I gave in.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lust For Life

Dear Zach,

"This song is nice. Who sings it?" He was on his elbow, peeking over my laptop, the scent of post-intense sex was so heavy I could barely breathe. This was our third time meeting up at my place for sex. He always leave me wanting more of him. He's average looking. Average built. But he has a nice ass. Sex with him was always splendid. I tried so hard not to moan so loud while my parents sleeping next to my room. From the beginning of the year til now, I only had sex with 3 guys - one of them was one time off and I didn't bother to contact him anymore. I am limiting myself to less than 3 sexual partners. Hornet was my main choice of searching for hookup. But none of them are up for my preference. 

Whenever I had sex with him, I would always play a song as a background music. This time, I decided to play this song.

"Lust For Life by Lana Del Ray." I said as my eyes was heaving. "It's a sex song."  

"Really? hmm. Maybe." He climbed over me, stood up, and squinted his eyes at the flash white light emitting from my laptop under the dark room. "A nice song for sex." 

"Yeah." I scooted over to one side and he laid down next to me, we cuddled and talked casually. 

As usual, when he left, I sent him a thank-you text for having a great night. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Break The Dry Spell

Dear Zach,

I hooked up with a Malay guy I met on Hornet who stays 4 km away from my place and 15 minutes drive to reach this place. I was trying my utmost best to remain my celibacy as I scroll around in Hornet to check out guys. And then this Malay guys hit me up with this side body pic with no sexual attraction, so I just gave it a shot and talked to him. I thought maybe I could just do a blowjob that's it. He's shown me his pictures and it were quite lame. But he's staying alone so I didn't mind going over to his place and have some head. When we came face to face, I was surprised that he's almost same height as me, well built-physique, and good-looking. When we were naked on bed, Good god, his body was so firm and tight sinewy, I was blushing so hard when he kissed all over my neck while groping every inch of his athletic physique. His dick is 6 inches long and fit in my mouth just right. We fucked and came hard together. Lesson to learn: Never judge a person by its picture.    

Friday, January 27, 2017


Dear Zach,

It was such a record-breaking that I did not have sex for 30 days and still counting. My carnal drive has been replaced by jerking off in the shower after work almost every day. I go through my tumblr porn feeds everyday to get some daily dose of nude. It is pretty addicting as more and more those Insta-celebrities s' nude are being shared across the internet, especially, those who tend to flaunt their almost-full frontal picture over the Instagram garnering thousands of likes just to get attention. I've come across of few local so-called Insta-celeb nudes and they are quite surprisingly hung. I wonder if my nudes would have been come across in tumblr any time soon. lol.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Leaked Nude On Tumblr

Dear Zach,

Apparently Tumblr has been a hub for all the mini porns from all across the globe. It's free and more than enough to quench your thirst for masturbation. I knew it existence long time ago and I never bothered about it until recently, I came across a few nude pictures of some guys I am following with in social media. The more I scroll the more shocking it has become as some guys I came across with over the internet has all their nudes over the page. So I decided to create an account just to keep myself updated with the nudes news. I've seen dicks of Mr Malaysia, famous local bodybuilders, and some rose-to-fame malay fitness model and its sizes were unsurprisingly average. Whereas, Singapore men are the best one could wish for. You would be amazed how slutty Singapore men are by looking at the pictures/video. Currently, my newsfeed is flooded with naked man from singaporen. God Bless them. How I wish I am living in Singapore and can't wait to hook up with those perfect specimen to die for. So here's my link to my newly created mini porn hub https://hoetobe.tumblr.com/ .. Feel free to reshare and like. 
© Dear Zach
Maira Gall