Saturday, December 31, 2016


Dear Zach,

It's the final day of the year, I can't really help myself to actually write down the resolutions for the brand new year tomorrow. It's all about the changes made throughout the next twelve months. Self-improvement is a must; A solid plan to work toward my goal is mandatory.

2017 is about getting my shit together. Be me be myself. And not stuck my nose in other people's business. Remove social media except Facebook. And be minimalist. Be kind. Be selfish. Eager to learn. Always reading. Engage sex with men once a month. So there will be not much of sex to talk about. No job-hopping. And think positive.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Years And Years

Dear Zach,

It shook me so much when I came to realize that I have been blogging for almost 3 years and more. My age is increasing inevitably by year - not sure whether to laugh or to cry. That being said, I'm more than grateful to be able to open my eyes in every brand new day. It's nothing much to say about this year, really. Apart from the sex I had this year, it's basically mundane and, of course, with all the loss and found myself, and, thank God, I've found my passion throughout the winding road. Honestly, I spent more time at home due to the fact that I am jobless practically most of the time and being literally anti-social. I turned down coffee date, meetup, and movies. I always think all of these are unnecessity and still strongly do, because it wastes of money. So I decided to stay at home most of the time.

On the other note, it's quite saddened by the fact that there are only handful of active blogs left in my reading list. Most of them were inactive since last year. I think I'd have to do some spring cleaning.

I did a makeover for my blog template. Clean sleek.

My facebook is full of death news of Carrie Fisher and her mother. It's getting irritating.

And my newsfeed is about BKK white party. Guys posting pic about their body just to prepare for this party. Plain dumb tbh.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Summary Of The Year

Dear Zach,

1. I had plenty of sex. But less than 10 guys I had sex with. I can't remember. I've lost count.

2. I had raw sex with 3 guys this year. One is an asshole; One is an old fling; One is my friend from other continent. I've to admit that sex with them was mind-blowing.

3. I had sex-dated 2 guys. Both of which didn't last more than a month. And one of them has the smallest dick I've ever seen. Nice body. But still no.

4. I never had a proper date at all. Because their ultimate goal was to get inside my pants and fuck the shit out of me.

5. I had hooked up with 4 guys in the gym shower room. Four of them were Malay. Two of them have giant cocks to die for.

6. The oldest guy I had sex with was 50-year-old, whereas the youngest lad I had sex with was 18 year-old - I told myself whoever age lower than me is off limit, but he's exception, he has nice thick 6 inches dick and he fucked me real good.

7. I had sex with an aussie fellow with 7 inches cock. Thing got pretty nasty when having sex with him. But I liked it.

8. I did try to be top twice. It was a failure and I did not enjoy it at all.

9. I am using Hornet, Jack'd, and Tinder to get hook up.

10. I had blown numerous cocks throughout the year. Malay cocks are my favorite.

11. I had sex in the swimming pool shower room 6 times. Blowjob too many times.

12. I had sex with a straight guy from the pool who fucked the shit out of me so good.

13. I had sex with this Mister International whom he nudged me at Instagram. Hot body and shit but kinda sucks in bed.

14. I had hooked up with a hot straight supermodel 3 times but never had sex once. He enjoyed my sucking skills and always willing to spend 40 min travelling distance to my place whenever I booty call him. He has terrible kissing skill to be honest.

15. I had threesome twice this year. It was gone-with-the-wind fabulous. Need I say more, I was basically thoroughly fucked in the end.

16. I am officially a pure bottom.

17. I had left 3 jobs with unhappy ending.

18. I got my certification as international certified personal trainer with no proper job.

19. I am becoming more and more anti-social.

20. I spent most of my day at home. Ever refusing to go out.

21. I am forever finding the right job.

22. I read less than 10 books this year. My brain is rotting.

23. I'm getting more and more petty and impatient.

24. I hooked up more than I ever going out.

25. I spent most of my time on Instagram, leaving comment, exchanging nudes, and post sexually provocative pictures,

26. I didn't receive any present for my Birthday nor Christmas Day.

27. I didn't wish any of my friend for their birthday as I've been always reminded by facebook. It's annoying.

28. I spent most of my money in food wise.

29. I only look the best during my brother's wedding day. Suit up and all.

30. I invited guys back home for sex while my parents asleep at night.

31. I did post an ad on Craigslist for seeking sugar daddy. Twice. I was desperate.

32. I always took nap.

33. I had one achievement this year. Refer to no.18.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Emerging of My Inner Hoe Cont. : Failure To Saying "No"

Dear Zach,

I went to the swimming pool as usual today for suntanning. Sadly, the sun wasn't strong enough to get heated up. By the time I reached the usual spot there were 2 guys already laying there nude. One of them has a perfect nice bubble butt i can't resist to steal glances at his ass. Fast forward to later, one fellow left and only left us both alone. I turned my back facing on my stomach with my naked ass. Moment later, I felt a movement by my side. Before I knew it, I was being sensually caressed on my ass. It was him the nice ass guy. I was about to say no to him. But it felt so good yet so wrong doing it in open public area. He basically touched every part of my back. Gropping my ass and thumbing my ass hole for more, sliding his hand underneath to get a touch my dick. To cut it short, he was furiously sucking my cock, boy he was hungry as fuck. By now, I let my guard down and enjoy being blowed so hard. I turned him over and rimmed his ass so hard. He's a bottom I guess. And I came in his mouth hard. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

None Of Your Business

Dear Zach,

He buzzed me after not talking to each other one month. Here how was it went.

See? He didn't even fucking bother to ask me how I am. He is thinking about sex with me. After one month I deserved to get such treatment? You are a fucking manager for fuck's sake. Can't you be more mature and sensitive about dealing with me?

Emerging of My Inner Hoe Cont. : Threesome

Dear Zach,

It was chilly out there with all the rain and shit. I was not in the mood of getting out of the house for gym or hang out. My phone buzzed and it was a hornet call from a guy who asked for threesome. Two tops were ready. I went to his place - a very high-ended place. I greeted them. Both of them were stark naked when i came out of shower. We had passionate kiss, sucking, and fucking. Both of them were on substances and I don't mind. I was thoroughly fucked. I had been fucked for whole 3 hours non stop by both of them taking turn 3 times. I came a whole river but they didn't. They said they took forever to cum. By the time I reached home, I was dead exhausted. And I still want more. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Back To December

Dear Zach,

I woke up every morning with sense of emptiness. I didn't feel that I was lost in my career path. It just that I lost my job again. Gay hookup apps have been my constant need of my sexual satisfaction. I sent out my nudes to almost everyone I came across with hoping to hook up to pass time. I went to gym in the morning in hoping to create a better version of myself. Social medias have caught my full attentions rather than the books in the shelf. I found myself yawning after reading 2 pages of novel - this has never happened to me before. I have been book-hopping from one to another, unable to finish half of it. Swimming pool is my another leisure place for hooking up - hoping someone cute would suck me off and leave. I looked over the internet for jobs. Probably it's toward the end of the year. Not much of job vacancy is being advertised. This takes time i believe. I feel lonely sometimes. Few months ago i thought I found myself a partner, which turns out to be an asshole who just wanted my ass. And all these guys who chatted me up on Instagram/Facebook apparently wanted my ass too. I feel lonely and despair. And I took nap all the times.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Emerging of My Inner Hoe Cont.

Dear Zach,

The sexual encounters have been unstoppable. I hooked up with a hot tanned guy at the pool few days back. I think he's been stalking me on Instagram and now that we bumped into each other. I can't resist to taste him. I was suntanning with my butt naked by the balcony, he walked up to the stairs and walked past me as I was nodding off. Moment later, I realized him he was there with his hot shot tanned body with dark trunk. We threw each other dirty glances but no bold enough to make a move. Fast forward later, he asked for my number and we sucked each other in his car. I cum in his mouth as a car purposely drove past by ours. He dropped me off at my car and promised to meet again.
© Dear Zach
Maira Gall