Monday, May 26, 2014

Moving On


Dear Zach,

Liking someone is one thing, but being liked by someone is another.

It’s hard to be seeing someone I actually fancy happened to be dating someone who is ten times better than me.

I am upset. A little. Because I knew I had missed my chance before I knew it.

Though not sure if I am in the whole one-side-love situation. I do not know. I prefer not to know.

I am not gonna rant and rave about my loss. Because it had happened. It’s over. It’s the past.

Well, tomorrow is another brand new day. Maybe I should look forward to the next day, who knows there might be a better person waiting around the corner.

Life goes on, I should move on.

And I shouldn’t be looking back.

Like ever.  

2014-05-24 20.43.50


Friday, May 23, 2014

My Very First Feature


Dear Zach,

Next week is the beginning of my final semester in college. So I had decided, along with my classmate, to do something crazy about our image. My initial plan was to dye my hair in icy blonde color. But when I come to think of it, it’s not really worth it to spend so much in coloring my hair just for the sake of doing something outrageous.

So I let the hairstylist to decide to alter my hair the way she wants and she did this to me. I was really nervous of getting such haircut because it looks utterly different on me. 

2014-05-23 14.28.312014-05-23 14.30.59

I do not know what kind of haircut is this but I think I am getting the hang of it. Loving it!

On top of that, my very own customized craft is being featured in one of the most viewed web page, where all the greatest kits in the world are featured. I was completely stoked by the truth that I did not expect my first artwork I’ve ever done being featured on such influential page along with other great modellers’ crafts. I sent an email along with the pictures for feature permission yesterday but, frankly speaking, I’d expect a rejection from them. This morning, I’ve received an email from them saying that my model kit has the potential of being featured in their webpage. My heart soared sky high and I was in freakin’ heaven! I couldn’t be more happier. All of my hard works are definitely paid off! When there’s hope, there’s always a chance!


Here’s the link to the webpage where my craft is being featured!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Sun Is Rising


Dear Zach,

No matter how badly the situation it turns out; how saddening the ending has come to; how reluctantly you did not ever want to let it go; Whatever you are facing, there will always be some silver lining. 

The sun is rising, just look beyond the cloud. You are gonna make it. There will always be another betterment coming to us. Hold on to your hope that you are believing. 


Just wanted to share this song with you guys that I have heard it from the soundtrack of The Other Woman. It was quite emotional to have thrown the wedding band into the deep sea after finding out she’s gonna divorce her husband.



Thursday, May 15, 2014

Being Single


Dear Zach,

Victoria has always been telling me that I would find the right guy one day. “You will meet your Prince Charming. All you have to do is just wait. Be patience. Patience is virtue.”

I know, right?

There are some times I do feel desperate in love and tired of being alone for all the time. I was always wondering, “Is it me? Do I have any problem?”

Only to realize that I have no problem at all. Not that I am perfectly problemless in that sense. I meant generally I am a guy who loves what he does for living. It’s just matter of perspective.

As the matter of fact, I am perfectly good for being single all the time. Some people are better off being single than in a relationship. At this age of mine, I think I am not used to being tied down with personal responsibility. This is the time where I should be exploring the world of mystery and having guilt-free fun. The memories you make while you’re single are the ones you’ll treasure most in the long run.

I have once read an article about lesson of being single. It says:

“the quality of man you date is proportional to how satisfied you are with your well-being. Your actions and the way you view yourself on the inside and out will always attract a person who is similar – it’s the law of attraction. When you try to be a better person than you were the day before, you’ll eventually meet a person worthy of the goodness you have to offer.”

This is the most truest fact I have ever read.

A guy who has similar interest as you has always been a huge plus point. How you view and live on your life somehow in a way it would direct us to a person who is similar.

There is nothing wrong about you. Its just that you have just not met the right kind of guy yet.

At the mean time, try and learn to love yourself with respecting your own strengths, attitudes, morals, goals, weaknesses, flaws, attributes, perspectives, and everything else that makes you YOU.

In the end of the day, you are the only one who make the difference.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Post-exam Mood


Dear Zach,


Post-exam selfie

Yup. It’s done. Final exams are over. It is such liberation after having such dreadful weeks of constant reading and forgetting and repeat the same cycle all over again. My brain was heavily burnt by the load of information. Well, albeit there was one paper I did not really do well and totally did not expect such traumatizing question, I am hoping I could score a credit for it.

Despite my birthday was on last Saturday, I did not celebrate or do something special for myself for the sake of it. As I did mention once, I’ve had never celebrated my birthday for many years and it was perfectly fine for me. Celebrate or not, it does not make any difference to me. Reaching 21 is a big thing for some people out there but I do not find it is something that it is worth celebrating for. Major of you may likely disagree with me. Well, that’s me – you can’t change who I am. Plus I have totally forgotten to make a birthday wish for that day itself. So yeah … birthday means nothing to me actually. If I were to make a birthday wish right now, I’d rather wish to be given a lifetime opportunity to be able to live another day. Life is very unpredictable and you would never know what is gonna happen in next minute. Be gratitude that you could live another day without catastrophe.

For the following 2 weeks of holiday I will be staying in my college to do my final year project. Since it’s just only 2 weeks of break, I see no point of wasting time at home doing nothing as I have something better to do in college. Besides, my time in college will be getting shorter day by day. I want to spend as much time as possible to make some awesome memory as I can be before I leave this very place that I have called home. Until then.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Officially 21

Dear Zach,


This made me cry.

Even though I don't like celebrating birthday, it is good to receive such a heart-warming wishes from your parents.

Thank you.
© Dear Zach
Maira Gall