Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sex Every Week

Dear Zach,

It's been a while. 

I do periodically check out some blogs just to know how they are doing. 

I do read less over the past months. I can't afford to buy anymore books to read due to time constraint. 

I work 10 hours a day for 6 days. Basically I spent my time at my work place more than at my home. Coherently, my sexual carnal was shot up high for the past few months. 

Pretty much every week I had sex in every two days; I jerked off everyday. I've added two new malay guys into my list of booty call. For the past 4 weeks, I've been inviting this new top over the night and fuck me senseless. He's pretty handsome for a vet doctor and I can't get enough of him. Two weeks ago, this second new malay guy hit me up again after ignoring me over a chat. Though my heart planned to ignore him back, but my dick said no. He looks quite cute and pretty handsome. He seems intimidated by me. He is such a good kisser and rimmer, but just lack a bit of topping skill. 

Two nights ago, a malay guy hit me up on Hornet. Despite the fact that I had sex on Monday and Wednesday, I decided to chat up with him. He seems persistent in meeting up even I refuse to send my face pic. In the end, I sent him a pic before he was on the way here. He looks typically Malay. I got so turned on by his look. He likes to play rough. He suck my nipples and chew on it. And hugged me tightly as if I would go away. He has smooth tan complexion which turned me on even more. His rimming skill was A1. He groped my ass and shoved his dick inside on me from my back. I can tell that he likes it rough, but I enjoyed the new taste of sex. He came hard. 

After washing himself, we cuddled on bed and getting to know each other. He lives in Penang and outstation somewhere nearby. Today was the last day here. But he frequents outstation to KL. He broke up with his two-year relationship boyfriend 6 months ago due to falling out. They have become enemy since then. I asked if his ex boyfriend love rough sex. "Yeah.. he loves it when I chew on his nipple and fuck him rough. He likes it rough. And he has high sex drive. We used to have sex everyday before we both go outstation for work." He said, kissing me in my lips. A ping of jealousy hit me. I dismissed quickly. When he about to leave, we kissed goodbye. But both of us refuse to let go. Our kiss deepened. His dick growing hard again and pressing against me. I dropped down on my knee and suck him hard. He couldn't take it anymore and fucked me second time. I hugged him from the back after we done. "I should be going before we get into third round. Ha.". This was my first time having two sex in one night. 

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