Monday, September 18, 2017

These Hoe Ain't Loyal

Dear Zach,

(I'm writing this with my newly bought laptop that costed me with dirt cheap price of RM1.7K with considerable specs and outlook. My first ever laptop that bought using my own money.)

I can't settle down yet partly due to work commitment; Mainly because I get bored easily with men.

I have a few regular sex partners. I get bored with one man. And I like to try different sex from different man they could offer. You might think I am a slut - Yes. I am a slut. I don't mind to admit it. I like to have sex with different men. Though, not every top I would prefer. I have my own choice of men to have with. As you already know, Malay guy is my top preference. I don't know why. I have been asked for this plenty of time over gay hookup apps. Asking why I prefer malay top not any other races since I am chinese. I can't answer to myself. Probably because Malays are more friendlier and good in sex as compared to Chinese. That's what I think. 

I am not loyal. When my regular hookup asked if I am seeing anyone except him, I lied that he was the only one I am having sex with. Probably I don't want him to feel bad or probably the guilt thing washed over me. I lied about my loyalty. I don't want them to think I am a slut but in actuality I am a slut. I totally understand why most gay guys cheated on each other when they are in couple. You can't deny the fact that new fresh meats are coming up better than us when we were young. Those young lads are buff and muscular and a lot of options to choose from. Guys at over 40s prefer guys less than 25 year old. Lean, toned, muscular is their top option. I ain't getting any younger. I am 24 this year. I am closing my age to mid twenties. I can't deny the fact that the imminent aging has frantically reduced my sex value in market. These young lads are seriously young, good looking and buff and it makes me so jealous of them for being young and hot for attracting guys for wanting them. 

I ain't loyal hoe. Since those fresh young lad doesn't mind my age, I also won't mind for them for being young and horny. I got to try a few young malay lad and they fuck like a donkey. It was amazing but the connection wasn't there. I understand that. Sex only. Most gay guys ain't loyal. 

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