Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2nd Charm

Dear Zach,

When they always say, "third time is the charm". But for me, second time would be more than enough to be a charm. It didn't take long for me to decide to leave my current job when they ask me in the so-called discussion turned out to be an interrogation. They left me no choice. I quit. I told myself I hated working in office. I hated to be under pressure especially working in office. For the entire month, I've never been happy. Never ever have I ever been any more unhappy for so long. I don't like following orders. Or being ordered. Or barking down the order. All in all, I hated working in office. That's it. I'm not gonna work in office anymore. It's wasting my time. Gonna find something better.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Dear Zach,

Every guy wants him. He's 6ft tall, very handsome, and has a body to die for. He's one of the runner up for international male model search contest. He has over 12K instagram followers. All of his pictures mostly are naked-waist-up. He always like my pictures for the past few months. I'm not sure what he has gotten into him for liking me. But I appreciated his sweet gesture. I was unfazed by his pictures. Mainly I'm not sexually attracted to him despite of his oozing hotness every guy wants to taste. Fast forward to today, he has been asking me for a hook up since last week but I didn't really bother to meet up, til today I just gave it a go to see what he got. I reluctantly drove all the way to his place. When the door swung open, I was faced with a tall, broad-shoulder, pale, and a very handsome guy. Good god I wonder how on earth did I get the chance to meet him in real. He was unusually quiet and shy, which surprised me as all of his picture didn't much justify the side of him I was encountering. We laid on bed, cuddling each other, kissing slowly, made out hungrily, and gave him a deep throat. He loved it. When he was fully naked, I was quite flabbergasted. His chiseled body. His abs. Oh god what a great stress reliver after a day of working from home. He entered his 6 inches upward-curved cock into me slowly. And slowly getting the pace up a little. I moaned so hard in meeting every pound of his. He's one of the few guys who could make me moan so loud with each hard slow-paced pound. He like it slow but enough to crave for more from him. I like that. He came hard inside of me. I didn't come. I just cuddled into his arms and rest, listening to the heavy breathing sound on his chest. We didn't talk much. I guess he just wanted sex that's all. Still, til now, I am just not really attracted to him. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

2 In 1

Dear Zach,

Having sex twice a day in the mid-week was such stress-reliever. I was on so much burden and I can barely to breathe properly. After work, I met up with the guy I met last Sunday in the public restroom across the busy road of my living area. I wasn't  planning to have sex there as my head was in throbbing pain. But the idea of having sex in public restroom is thrilling. So I decided to have a go with it. We went into one of the cubicle in the rest room, made out intensely, shirt ripping off, me in my formal pants down under my butt cheek, and then he slide his hung cock into me. It was intense. I guess the feeling of being caught in having sex in public premise makes us both wanting for more. 30 minutes later, he came hard but I didn't. I went to gym after that.

When I returned home from gym at night, I got a text from a guy in Jack'd I've been texting with for the entire day. We talked about meeting up as he was happened to have a day off on that day. I told him to come at night while my parents asleep. He was fine with it. After my parents went to bed, I told him to come and, 20 minutes later, he arrived at my doorstep. He's slightly shorter than me. Early 30s. Athletic built. Which turned me on instantly as much as I was tired from the first sex I had a couple hours ago. We sneaked into my bedroom quietly. We cuddled for a moment, had a small talk, and then we started to make out. Boyyy he was so hungry as though he hasn't eaten for days. He was such a good kisser - slippery and wet. My lips was almost chipped off as he trying to swallow my mouth into his. He has good 5 inches dick. And a nice set of chest. He plunged into my hole smoothly as my ass has been ripped apart hours ago. He moved his move, fast and hard, varying different position in any possible way to fuck and make out with me at the same time. He's good. We fucked for good ol' 45 minutes. He came a river on my body. Hot and slickly. Then we cuddled on my bed, resting, almost dozing off. Before we realized, it was 12 am. He got dressed and left. Before I hit the sag, I sent him a text saying how great he was in bed just now. 

I can't believe how much a slut I've become.  

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Time I Had Sex With My Student

Dear Zach,

Having sex with your student is a big no-no to me. It's so unprofessional. But when your student trying to flirt with you by sending his pic wearing a skimpy trunk, outlining his semi-hardon, asking you whether or not if it's appropriate to wear this to public pool, you just can't help to zoom in and admire his long cock. Of course, I was stressful, frustrated, and horny when he inquired me about swimming lesson. He's not my student yet so I think it's still fine. Not sure how the conversation steered into meeting up for sex instead. We met at the most quiet place of swimming pool shower room where I sometimes go to. As expected, it's Ramadhan period, the swimming pool was expected to be empty. He came around 15 minutes later when I was dipping in the pool. I nudged him to the direction of the changing room. We then entered one of the clean shower cubicle and started our business. When he stripped himself down to his waist line, he was wearing a white G-string and a cock ring, which accentuated his huge bulge. No doubt, minutes later his bulge was grown into 7 inches thick hung specimen that I have been craving for the past weeks. We made out under the cascading cold shower. His 7 inches cock grinding against mine. Me sucking his down to my throat, fits my mouth so damn well. He pushed me against the solid marble wall, and entered his hung cock into my tight ass. I didn't moan for pain and he liked it so much. We fucked under the shower for good 20 minutes. When we parted our ways, he texted me "it was nice fucking you. I think this place is a good place for swimming. We could have sex after the lesson next time. ;) See you soon." 

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Dear Zach,

My chest feels tight and I can barely breathe. And then I realize that I have been holding my breath. I slept poorly at night; Waking up before 7 am to come to realize another dreadful day at work. Almost a week now since I started my new job. First day was fine. Then it got worsen by each day. Slowly getting to know the ugly truth about my superior, a fucking bitch. Oh God. What kind of life does one to possess to always have a female superior everytime he gets a new job? My kind of life does. There are only two persons in my division - me and her. Which makes us all the more awkward. As what every superior is, they can never be satisfied. She always think the highest high of her. Just because she possess the "Senior" in front of the managerial title, she thinks she's the best not. Long story short, she's just another nightmare that I always dream about in my sleep. I'm not sure how long I could hold on. Life is never easy.   

Monday, June 6, 2016


Dear Zach,

When I was still working in Fitness Centre, one of my ex-coworker, who is gay, has a partner who is two decades old of his age. I did pry about their relationship a few times. He either gave me silence treatment as an answer to my prying question or just looked at me, stirring the topic away by starting a new one which was directed at me. Since then, I stopped asking. He is 23 this year; His partner is a 50-year-old white guy. They have been together for a few years. How they met? That has been the question I have been dying to solve. He's always been secretive about his partner. His partner is filthy-rich, not particularly handsome, look perverted, and old. Everything in their home is all imported stuff. They live in the most expensive apartment in the city center where everyone would kill for living in such luxurious place. They always go on vacation in exotic islands and beach in every two months - having to have enjoyed living in a luxury life that I ever dream of. I highly suspect that they are having sugarbaby-daddy relationship, which I envy the most. Or being very jealous of him for living the life. I came across this video on Facebook about women attending a seminar on how-to-get-a-sugardaddy. I was baffled at first, then slowly turned into intrigue. These women were actually looking for money, not only for sex, for academic support and business they wish to venture into. They said that the relationship isn't about commitment; it's about investment. It sounds sensible to me as it relates to my current situation. Next thing I know, I was on Craigslist.  

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Threesome on First Day of Work

Dear Zach,

I got a text in the early of morning from one of the hookup, who stays 300 meter away and is a versatile-bottom, which I texted him the night before to ask for a blowjob but to no avail. He was asking if I was available at night for a threesome with his top buddy. He sent me the top's picture and his hung cock to me - it's too hard to say no. 

It was my first day of work. Thing was going fine. A lot of work to do. Which is a good thing. At least my brain is finally working. After working hour, I was dead tired. I didn't skip the gym. Have some quick workout. And drove back to meet them. 

I was greeted at the door by him. When I entered, I saw the Top laying on the couch watching TV. He turned to look at me in surprised. I think it was a surprise look. I greeted him in handshake and he asked if I needed to go to the toilet. I said that I don't and let's get started. 

I was laying on the bed in the dark room. Both of them slowly climbed on the bed and stripped me naked, as though I was the grand prize winning from the supermarket. As soon as three of us were naked, we were starting to make out with each other, sucking each other cock. I was laying on my back, the top was rimming my ass while the host was plunging his cock down to my throat, both of which at each end doing their job to keep me ecstatic. And we had a trio-make out, which is the first for me! It was fucking hot to be able to taste 2 lips at the same time. After seem what to be 15 min long of foreplay, we got to down real business. The host didn't want to get fucked. So I was the only one to enjoy being penetrated. The host was laying comfortably on the bed on his back, me sucking his cock in military position, while the top skillfully bashing my tight ass with each hard pound. The chemistry felt so right and intense. Then, I was being skillfully fucked in doggy position while I was making out with the host. We did every position that deemed possible to enjoy each other sexually. We came hard together in the end after 1 hour of sexercise. 

Amongst the threesome I had, this is the best one so far. 
© Dear Zach
Maira Gall