Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Emerging of My Inner Hoe

Dear Zach,

Leaving my job has made a quite impact on me. I constantly feel horny all the time. When I was working on night shift, I got a lot of hookup message from Grindr/Jackd. All of which I couldn't manage to meet up due to my work nature. Now that I'm free and available, I am kinda attached to those apps in finding dicks. It's been 5 days since I left my job I have gotten 4 dicks, 1 of which was anal, the remaining was oral. I got all my hookup from Hornet, of which I met mostly were Malay guys, which suits my needs. Hornet is the only apps I could find all the malay guys in one place. I've sucked some pretty nice dicks at the stairs of the office and public toilets. Those lads are young as fuck. With those 6 inches dick, I couldn't care less about their look or physique to be honest. I was pretty much sending my nudes away to get response for dicking. My oral skill is much brushed up now. I enjoyed sucking Malay dicks so much I am craving for more now. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Jobless Again

Dear Zach,

I left my job last Friday. I worked for 4 months and found out I wasn't up on par with their culture and standard they seem to be so proud of, I decided to leave. I was mentally tortured by my manager. it astonished me so much when a Superior can deliberately shout at you in front of members, condemn you, constantly look down on you for being unfit, trying anyway to insult you for being you and, worst yet, threaten you but all you can do is to say "sorry, it's my fault" to kill him with kindness. It was a total nightmare. I tried my best to keep up with their requirement. Still, they were not satisfied with me and decided to prolong my probation period for a month. I was very happy with my client. But the working environment is too unhealthy for me to grow. I had a huge row with the manager before I left. It was unpleasant one. Now I'm jobless again. Depression is creeping on me. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Dear Zach,

I got a text from him on last Saturday night.

"I miss you badly ..."

I read it. I did not reply.

On Tuesday, I got a text from him again.

"Babe! Are you still upset?"

I read it. I ignored it.

Did he honestly think by sending this kind of messages is meant for reconciliation? Did he honestly think I would cave in for that?

No. I won't. There was a split second I was gonna type back "I'm fine". I halted for a moment and thought about it long enough to erase the whole sentence.

If you miss me, why didn't you call? A simple gesture would make a huge difference. He knew I removed him from my social media. I guess he's trying to pick a fight with me over the text but to no avail. Ignorant is the best way of revenge.

At the mean time, I have suck some dicks. So I'm not your babe anymore.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

I'm Just Sad

Dear Zach,

I'm just sad. Not saddened over being heartbroken, but the ugly truth about men. Why can't I have a proper and real liking of me being me over my ass? Why can't they just admit that they want my ass instead of fooling around with my feelings? I'm here struggling with my job meanwhile they just being insensitive about it. Does the problem lies on me? Am I not being aggressive enough? Should I be too obsessive?

I dated 2 guys this year. None of them lasted 3 months. Sole reason because they have all kind of excuses not to meet up.

I'm just sad. Saddened by the truth which makes me lose all the hope in men.

Friday, November 18, 2016

I'm So Over It

Dear Zach,

4 weeks. He didn't make a fucking effort to meet up nor a call to me, but still texted me how much he missed me. I didn't believe a single word he said. He used too-much-work as reason for not to meetup. I didn't believe him at all. Last Friday, he left work early to celebrate some special occasion with his bunch of best friends. This irked me so bad because he was willing to make some time for them but not for me. I confronted him; he was avoiding it. I made up my mind that I was gonna end it. I refused to text him first. On Monday, he asked why I was being so quiet all day. I retorted back:

"Since you are so happy with your friend who can spend time with you while I'm working. Go ahead then. Oh well, since I'm not convenient for your sexual needs, go ahead and find someone else then."

Since Monday, we didn't text each other. Yesterday, I removed everything associated with him from my life: Facebook, Instagram, Contacts, Pictures. I'm moving on. 

P.S: If you are happened to be reading this, Fuck you for having raw sex with me for the first time. You are the most untrustworthy insensitive asshole I've ever met. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Dear Zach,

I think we are slowly calling it quit. We didn't mention anything about it. But the way I acted toward him by delaying response to his text and being ignorant to him seemingly quite obvious. I hope he gets it. We have nothing to talk about over the text except those boring casualties. And I got bored easily. We didn't see each other for two weeks. He didn't make the effort to meet up because the sole reason of too much works on his plate. Either he's making excuses or really too much works, I don't know. I had sex on Tuesday night with a masseur I frequently visit. Technically speaking, I am cheating on him but I don't feel guilty at all. It's fine if he finds someone else. Cause I never really wanted to start a relationship anyway.
© Dear Zach
Maira Gall