Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Theme Of Year 2014–Patience

Dear Zach,
I always lack of patience. From the outlook of me, I have been told that I was calm and cool but what they did not know about me that my inner heart was fully incapable of being calm and collective. I have low-level of patience. Or to none. Multiple times I have told myself to be patient in whatever circumstances, especially when waiting for arrival of my parcel, I expect it to be arrived in two days at most. When they ever took more than two days to send my parcel, my impatience gene would be activated and have me being restless and cranky for the entire day. That is me - and I am about to change this.
This is my most important year of my life and I could not afford to lose myself over my impatience gene as results of my stupidity. Hence, I have the need to set a theme of the year itself to guide my growth and progress through the coming year regardless building a great physique or whatever means of waiting. Building a great body is, indeed, in need of patience. Progression takes time. You wanna see those pecs and abs popping under your shirt? You have to be patient. Apart from that, getting the right boyfriend needs patience, because getting one is harder than you could have thought of. So be single as long as you can before you head over heel madly in love with someone who will break you heart in future. Finding your dream guy? You have to wait forever.
Henceforth and forevermore, I need to learn how to be calm and collective as people had mistakenly thought I was before. I must have myself trained to be a Buddha as likely as possible in favor of my upcoming interview for internship and whatever means of waiting, especially in bodybuilding. Being patience not only could bring me calm and collective, but also project as a magnifying glass to observe my surrounding items more distinctly and allow me to differentiate between gay or straight. Anger blinds your eyes; Patience fucks forges through your mind.    

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some Thought About My Life In University

Dear Zach,
Classes will be starting in less than a week. There go five weeks of semester break and during the five weeks of ample of time I seemed to be doing none other than a single productive thing at all. Truth be told, I am glad I will be able to start attending classes as soon as possible. At least I have things that I needed to attend to other than residing in my home doing nothing. I am truly looking forward to this year. Since the fact that this year will be my Final year of my degree life, I’ll definitely fully make use of the year while I still in my college before I start my life as a working adult.

Year by year, my number of friends is getting lesser by one or more than one it seems. Some are going abroad; Some are graduating from University. The idea of not being able to have the olden good times we used to have in class, jokingly teasing each other, talking bad about our lecturer and obnoxious classmates and the time we spent talking during lunch time, saddens me much I could say. And I could still remember the first day of class in my degree life remain vivid in my memory - that was two years ago. Strangely It seemed like it happened yesterday. There is one saying goes, “As the time goes by, one by one people around will be leaving you.” Or I should say “as life goes on” instead. It is completely and utterly true though. As our life has been improved by the ever-changing advance technology around us, I believe the time flies by all the more faster than it already does. Anyhow, I’ve gotten used to being a loner. I’ve adapted to such situation like this. I’ve evolved to a person who can be independent from people around me. Thanks to my blog, I’ve finally been able to project myself with pure confidence regardless people have known what I really am. I’m only a human. Duh. One day I will miss it.

When the sun dies, and the star fades from view, my heart will remain real and  true.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Blank Page

Dear Zach,
Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book.. Write a good one. Indeed, write a good beginning for a starter of a new year. I am pretty sure everyone is busy making resolutions and to-do list for 2014. Having said that, mostly everyone would have failed to achieve from what the to-do list have been written in the end of the year. #Justsaying #Sorrynotsorry
2014 is pretty much an important year for me, after a good riddance for 2013, as there will be some major events happening once in a lifetime. Such as:
  • Turning 21 – not a big deal to me because birthday is never a big deal to me. Unless someone wants to make the deal bigger than it already does.
  • Graduating from University – a once-in-a-lifetime event that I most anticipate of! Though the graduating ceremony will be held next year.
  • Having internship as if getting a job – I could say this will be my first baby step in the world of career. As surprising as it sounds, I had never had a job throughout my whole life.
It sums up what will gonna happen throughout the entire year. Stagnant will be a bitch. But hey … what kind of clogged up matter have I never been encountered before? Hopefully, 2014 will bring out the best of me and fortune I can ever ask for.
© Dear Zach
Maira Gall