Monday, July 10, 2017

Just Sex

Dear Zach,

For my whole life, I always tell people that I've never been in a relationship. 

"Really? For real?" They seem genuinely surprised. 

It is not that I do not want to; I could not find someone compatible. All of my time is spent in my job. I have much better thing to do other than falling in love.

As much as I want to, all the guys I've come across with mostly into my ass more than in my personality. Not sure if it is a curse or my life has been fated that way, I always ended up with someone in my bed with dick down my throat and my ass spread wide opened. I couldn't blame myself because part of me love sex so much its hurt. And I have high sexual carnal. 

There are few times when I attempted to make a meaningful conversation with my regular sex buddy before having sex, just right after I closed the door shut and turned around, their tongue were already seeking my mouth and deep down my throat before I could speak a word. Needless to say, I was stripped naked in few seconds and brought to my bed. 

Sometimes I wish they could actually send me a text at 12 pm, not 12 am, asking me out a date or something that would be nice. My phone will only be busy when the time closes to 10 pm. 

For the past years, I've never been to a proper date. Nor I ever ask for it. Probably thing goes easier for both of us that way. No string attached. No commitment. Just sex. 

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