Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Full


Dear Zach,

Being away for so long after my last post, I felt like I have the need to write something down for what I have been doing recently.

This April is full of lies and bullshit, unfairness, no-manner-fuckers and late-night working. I have been told not to speak or give too much opinions. I have been told not to against with the boss. I have been told to be patience with everything, then I will soon find light in grey clouds. And for the sake of my job.

I am no patience man; I did my best to accommodate to whatever it is happening. I tried to be myself. Apparently being myself would have gotten me in great risk of being fired. So I pretend to be someone else – someone that I find myself boring and very dull. Maybe I should mute myself, preventing the tendency of talking too much.

I wouldn’t say that my job is the hardest thing of all; the hardest thing to deal with is People. People with different personality. And people seemingly have forgotten what it is to be like to have some manner in their attitude. Being rude and impolite is their thing now. Fuck them, seriously. 

© Dear Zach
Maira Gall