Monday, January 15, 2018

My Sex Record

Dear Zach,

Last year, I came across one of the blogger who wrote about recording his number of sex escapades. And I was truly amazed by how much guys he had fucked over the year without realization. So here I am, decided to make an excel spreadsheet to record down my number of sex I have for the next coming months. Starting this month onward, I already had 6 sex within 15 days. You really can't blame a hoe for doing what a hoe does. 

Here it is the google spreadsheet you can view online : MY SEX LIST 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weekend Hard Sexs

Dear Zach,

Over the weekend, I was in constant mood of lethargic. Blued, Grindr, and Hornet were my partner in crime. I constantly refreshed over these three apps for fun. I wasn't horny, but I was itching for sex. There were a lot of messages. Though the chat died down with a few exchange. 

On Saturday evening, a message popped in Grindr from a malay guy. He stays in UPM which is a mile away. I went to his place and we started kissing the moment we seated. He is averagely built. Nothing special. But his excellence foreplay skills has heightened my sexual carnal. He couldn't stop rimming my ass. His dick was 5 inches long. He fucked me hard and fast I wasn't expecting it. The whole session last one hour. 

I didn't want to have sex on Sunday. I was quite bleak over the cloudy days. I got a few messages planning to meet up at his place or meeting at abandoned building for outdoor sex. But I wasn't up for that. After dinner, I got a message from Hornet. He's malay but look very chinese to me. We chatted over there for 10 minutes and agreed to meeting up at his place which is just 10 minutes away from my home. I was led to his bedroom after arriving. His body is a faded outcome of gym negligence. But the built is there. Which I like. We started making out. Boy he's such a good kisser. Underneath of his pant was a growing 6 inches hard dick. It was kinda huge to my mouth but I enjoyed it with several attempts of deepthroat. I sit on him initially. As thing got heated up, he pinned down on bed and fucked me senseless with each hard and fast stroke. Goshhhh. He cummed inside of me while fucking me in doggy style. 

It was such a fulfilling weekend. How hoe I was! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sex With Married Malay Guy

Dear Zach,

I wasn't in the mood of talking to anyone when I was scrolling through Grindr. Then, this malay guy hit me a few times with his picture but I was neglected at first. But today I wasn't in the good mood to do anything, I replied back "hi". Without further ado, he asked for meet up. He is staying 800meters away from my workplace. He suggested to check in hotel right opposite of my workplace in walking distance. Suit me well! 

I cleaned myself quickly and received his room number. I arrived at the door step in 5 minutes. He is shorted than me slightly. But he looks better in real. Typical malay man over 30. I would say he is quite handsome to me. We exchanged a few gesture. Got to know about him slightly that he is a married man. 

We hugged on the bed, and we started kissing. And I sensed that he wasn't into kissing (quite common for most malay guys who do not kiss) so I didn't continue kissing him. He was so into my nipple. Constantly sucking it and licking it. And I was obsessed with his 6 inches dick. His skin is so smooth and tan which I love very much. His body is averagely solid build. Typical man working at offshore. I sucked his dick furiously as usual. While he was enjoying being sucked, I slid my tongue underneath and rim his smooth ass. He loved it so much asking me not to stop. He couldn' wait any longer, I grabbed the condom and put it on him, and I sat on his dick. Fit my ass perfectly. I rode his dick like riding a horse. He was surprised by me. 

"wow you are so skillful!" He said.

He grabbed my ass and flip it over, laying on my stomach and facing the mirror, I could see myself being penetrated by him. It was a hot scene looking at the mirror seeing myself being fucked by this hot daddy. It was hard, intense, and passionate sex that we both put our efforts in pleasing each other. He seemed to know that I could go on for more, he pump my ass hard and fast. This lasted 40 minutes. He cummed a river on my body. 

Once we were done, we laid on the bed cuddling, talking and getting know each other. He has 2 kids. His wife will be going on trip tonight for 3 days. I didn't inquire further. We laid there and smoother each other smooth skins to get the last feeling before we bid goodbye. 

Hope to see him again.  

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Dear Zach,

We all live by social media. All of us, majority, spend hours on social media in a day combined. Following someone on social media means we are making friends virtually but not spiritually. We hook up with guys through social media after seeing validated pictures of yourself. We end our relationship by mostly clicking "unfriend" button on Facebook to prove that thing is over in less-dramatic way. I did this too. I usually unfriend those we didn't keep in touch for so long or people I don't think it would help me grow in anyway or people I don't even know personally well. 

Social media is seriously ruining our relationship. It all started out without intimacy between two physical being. By that, we all judge each other the way we type things to please each other. Mostly, we spend a good amount of time to think what to write in order to appeal the opposition. We have time to be a good kind of person the opposition wanted when we are not. We become somebody we are not. This was me for the past few years portraying somebody I am not. Hence, ended up with assholes.

I am saddened by the fact that this is happening now. I was unfriended by one of my fav sex buddy. I was appalled by his action. Last night, I was able to view his profile. Because I missed him real bad. We did not meet for 3 months because he was temporarily transferred to other part of KL for work. He said he will be back this month. When I texted him yesterday "I miss you so much.". He read it but did not reply. It's okay. I did not expect him to reply because he is a busy man. This morning, when I tried to view his profile, I was shocked to see that he unfriended me. I confront him over chat box which I usually don't do if people unfriended me and I would usually block them forever.

I'm not sure why you unfriended me. I thought we were good. I'm really upset that the fact you made this move.

"I'm sorry. I'm in hospital." He replied in a min.

"What is wrong? What did you unfriend for that?" I demanded.

"I'll tell you when I recover. I will add u back."

"I'm heartbroken. I miss you a lot. I am sad that you didn't trust me."

"Don't feel that way." He said. 

His contact was removed from my list after that.

Monday, January 8, 2018

What About Us?

Dear Zach,

I have been through heartbreak. Well, mildly heartbreak. Though it wasn't major. But still I can feel the hurtfulness. Over the years, I have been treated in such a way like having a relationship but nothing serious yet. There were times I seriously thought thing could get serious if I put some effort into it. My over-jealousy always got the best of me. I tend to overthink. Which ended up in petty argument. And whenever I brought up the topic about us in the future, somehow it would lead to "I don't want to think about it so much now."

Isn't it too selfish of them to say that? What do you mean by you don't want to think about it now? Do you really think being together is just about sex? There were some point I got really emotional about this statement. It irked me that I was just a sex object to many of them. They denied it. Though deep down inside they just want a "drama-free-loyal-sex". How the fuck do you want to have that? Do you really think every couple being together would be drama free?

I gave up the notion of it. Gave up having a relationship. Since the guys are opting for drama free sex, I am happily to comply.
© Dear Zach
Maira Gall