Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Untold Story: Sex With Security Guard

Dear Zach,

It was middle of last year (I wasn't sure), this guy from hornet hit me up as he was staying nearby. We chatted for a while with "malay" dialect on message box. He told me he was available at his place from 10 pm til next morning 5 am. So I met him at 11 pm. Initially, I thought he was staying somewhere near the factory area. As I drove through that area, I realized that no one would actually stays here unless you are patron. Turned out, I was right. The guy opened the door for me when I arrived. He was wearing his patron uniform. I was really surprised and the thought of having sex in the factory with a security guard has turned me on so much. 

He spoke with me in Indonesian dialect when we settled down in his small security room - it was made of wood, enough for max 2 persons. The window was quite high above the waist line, so when we sat on the wooden floor, no one would actually saw us from the outside except the light flickering slightly above. And he was a heavy smoker. Minutes had passed. We slowly moved into making out, the heavy scent of cigarettes turned me on even more, we stripped each other naked, though he has a small belly, and a tattoo on his right arm, overall, he was quite solid from the day of labor works. I bend over and suck his rock hard 6 inches dick. The setting was quite uncomfortable because we both avoid standing up too obvious butt-naked through the window. 

Boy, he can fuck. Indo guy is seriously good in sex. Probably the limited choices around and constantly being looked down for low class status, they tend to get lesser sex than the normal people. He fucked me hard and fast I was suppressing myself from moaning too loud. Once we had cum, his dick was still rock hard. I asked if he still want to fuck. He said yes. As we ran out of condom, I decided to suck him. But he took too long to cum. So I told me fuck me again next time. 

This was my first time having sex with a security guard. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Unprecedented Good Sex

Dear Zach,

It's been a week since I last had sex. I wasn't in the sex mood for hookup due to my job issue. Last night, I log on my Grindr when I backed home from work. There was this malay guy I have been planning up to meet since the beginning of the year. There was always something came up whenever we planned to meet. Just so when I log on my Grindr, I got his message 2 minutes ago and he was relatively near to my place. I invited him over. 

He looks alright. Typical malay look but he's friendly. Minute after we settled down on bed, we started making out. He's such a great kisser. He brought my legs over and started rimming my anus for good ol' 20 minutes in total. He loved rimming so much I swear his tongue is magic. And his 6 inches thick dick fit well in my mouth. Our foreplay last for 30 minutes alone. 

In the middle of fucking me, his phone started to vibrate and he had to answer the call. I moved toward him and started teasing his nipple while he was talking to the phone. He was basically absentmindedly listening to the phone speaking, so I sealed my lips with his. We started making out intensely while his phone is still attached to his ear. It was so hot. It was like some sex scene from a movie whereby a hooker making out with a married man while talking to his wife over the phone. He positioned himself and fucked me from my back while his phone was still attached to his ear. 

"yeah... ... I .. understand." Talking down to his phone while undulating his hip against my ass. 

"fuck.." He mumbled softly. I hoped the guy over the phone didn't hear it. 

In the end, we recorded down our dick playing and cumshot. Jeez, he cum a river on my body and I felt like I wanna drink it all. 

The video was 6 minutes long. It was fucking hot.  

Friday, February 2, 2018

Losing Job

Dear Zach,

I'm on the verge of losing my job. Again. I was given heads up about it. By end of this month, I could be very likely to tender my resignation for my own good.

I am not in the mood of having sex lately due to this matter and constant diarrhea for past 1 week.


Monday, January 15, 2018

My Sex Record

Dear Zach,

Last year, I came across one of the blogger who wrote about recording his number of sex escapades. And I was truly amazed by how much guys he had fucked over the year without realization. So here I am, decided to make an excel spreadsheet to record down my number of sex I have for the next coming months. Starting this month onward, I already had 6 sex within 15 days. You really can't blame a hoe for doing what a hoe does. 

Here it is the google spreadsheet you can view online : MY SEX LIST 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weekend Hard Sexs

Dear Zach,

Over the weekend, I was in constant mood of lethargic. Blued, Grindr, and Hornet were my partner in crime. I constantly refreshed over these three apps for fun. I wasn't horny, but I was itching for sex. There were a lot of messages. Though the chat died down with a few exchange. 

On Saturday evening, a message popped in Grindr from a malay guy. He stays in UPM which is a mile away. I went to his place and we started kissing the moment we seated. He is averagely built. Nothing special. But his excellence foreplay skills has heightened my sexual carnal. He couldn't stop rimming my ass. His dick was 5 inches long. He fucked me hard and fast I wasn't expecting it. The whole session last one hour. 

I didn't want to have sex on Sunday. I was quite bleak over the cloudy days. I got a few messages planning to meet up at his place or meeting at abandoned building for outdoor sex. But I wasn't up for that. After dinner, I got a message from Hornet. He's malay but look very chinese to me. We chatted over there for 10 minutes and agreed to meeting up at his place which is just 10 minutes away from my home. I was led to his bedroom after arriving. His body is a faded outcome of gym negligence. But the built is there. Which I like. We started making out. Boy he's such a good kisser. Underneath of his pant was a growing 6 inches hard dick. It was kinda huge to my mouth but I enjoyed it with several attempts of deepthroat. I sit on him initially. As thing got heated up, he pinned down on bed and fucked me senseless with each hard and fast stroke. Goshhhh. He cummed inside of me while fucking me in doggy style. 

It was such a fulfilling weekend. How hoe I was! 
© Dear Zach
Maira Gall