Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ass-tearing Sex

Dear Zach,

It was a sunny day. And then here comes a text in Hornet from a malay guy whom he planned to meet up over the last 2 weeks. But he then deactivated his account and, here again, one week later he showed up with a new account. His hot shot body is already a plus to want him more. I went to his place which is 15 minutes away from my place. 

He greeted me in his boxer when I arrived. We did not talk any thing further. I hurled him forward to his bed and started making out with him. His dark skin toned and his toned body already making me way harder than yesterday. I slipped my hand underneath his boxer and finding myself holding a thick clean shaven 6 inches cut dick. Today was a lucky day. I sucked his dick like I was doing resuscitation on him. My mouth was savoring each of his musky dick taste and literally deep throat every inch of it. 

He is a great top. He fucked like raging beast. My G-spot has been destroyed by his hardcore thrusting. If I were to rate his speed of fucking from 1 to 10, I would say he is 9. I moaned so loud I believed the neighbor could hear us perfectly clear. He came on me but not much. He said he has jerked off in the morning twice. We cuddled and nap for a while before I teased his nipple and dick. His erection was growing hard under my touch. I gave him a deep blow job on him. 

We talked and got to know about each other a bit. He's one year younger than me and working a barrister. When I was about to go, he gave me a kiss. But we deepened the kiss and can't get our hands off each other. 

"You want more." He whispered underneath his breath. I nodded my head and he grabbed another piece of condom and put it on. And fall back into our fav position and fucked the sunny daylight out of me. I was literally moaning for help as he embraced me tightly from my back and thrusting his hardon in Godlike speed. "You want more." His breath was close to my ear. "I'm giving you more." 

In the end, I quickly wear my pants before we go for the 3rd round of sex. I think I'm going to miss him a lot. 

I did not cum though. 

3 Sex With 3 Different Guy in One Night

Dear Zach,

Last night, my place is available from 6pm til 10 pm. My inner hoe did not want to let this chance to slip away. 

7 pm

I invited my one of my regular buddy whom I met few weeks back. He came over, I sucked him good and he fucked me for just barely 10 minutes. I wasn't satisfied enough. I called over a long-time buddy whom I haven't met for a year. 

8 pm

He came right just in time. We chatted a little and before we knew it, we stripped each other naked. He fucked me like there's no tomorrow. Hard pounding in each and every stroke with his 6 inches hard dick. Switching from missionary to doggy to missionary position. Each of his thrust sent me to sky high. It has been so long since I felt this hard poundage. We recorded our sex down. It was so fucking hot. We fucked like that for good ol 1 hour. He came hard inside of me. I did not cum yet. 

9.15 pm

This top who stays a mile away from me texted me again. We have been texting each other since last December. Because I refused multiple request of granting my face picture to him, our conversation died down again and again. This time, he agreed in meeting me without seeing my picture first. So he's taking the risk of having sex with ugly person. He sent his address and I went to his place. He was lean enough to make me hard. His dick picture did not disappoint me in real. A nice cut 6 thick inches dick in my mouth savoring his shaft. He fucked me like a donkey. We took a rest in between because his dick soften. I was exhausted because of previous 2 sex i had. We fucked like 1 hour plus. He said he could go on for 2 hours. I can't blame him because he is a endurance athlete. Normally endurance runner has high stamina for sex. But tonight he was back from a run and he cum in the morning, so he was tired to go on. In the end, he sped up his thrusting and cum on body. I love it. We rested a while and chat a little before I went back home.

11.15 pm

This top black guy hit me up in hornet. I thought he wanted to fuck. Well, I was still horny because I did not cum yet. Probably I could go for 4th round of sex with a top black guy. He said he was in somewhere chilling with his mate. So probably tomorrow. 

I went back home and cum a river. 


Monday, September 18, 2017

These Hoe Ain't Loyal

Dear Zach,

(I'm writing this with my newly bought laptop that costed me with dirt cheap price of RM1.7K with considerable specs and outlook. My first ever laptop that bought using my own money.)

I can't settle down yet partly due to work commitment; Mainly because I get bored easily with men.

I have a few regular sex partners. I get bored with one man. And I like to try different sex from different man they could offer. You might think I am a slut - Yes. I am a slut. I don't mind to admit it. I like to have sex with different men. Though, not every top I would prefer. I have my own choice of men to have with. As you already know, Malay guy is my top preference. I don't know why. I have been asked for this plenty of time over gay hookup apps. Asking why I prefer malay top not any other races since I am chinese. I can't answer to myself. Probably because Malays are more friendlier and good in sex as compared to Chinese. That's what I think. 

I am not loyal. When my regular hookup asked if I am seeing anyone except him, I lied that he was the only one I am having sex with. Probably I don't want him to feel bad or probably the guilt thing washed over me. I lied about my loyalty. I don't want them to think I am a slut but in actuality I am a slut. I totally understand why most gay guys cheated on each other when they are in couple. You can't deny the fact that new fresh meats are coming up better than us when we were young. Those young lads are buff and muscular and a lot of options to choose from. Guys at over 40s prefer guys less than 25 year old. Lean, toned, muscular is their top option. I ain't getting any younger. I am 24 this year. I am closing my age to mid twenties. I can't deny the fact that the imminent aging has frantically reduced my sex value in market. These young lads are seriously young, good looking and buff and it makes me so jealous of them for being young and hot for attracting guys for wanting them. 

I ain't loyal hoe. Since those fresh young lad doesn't mind my age, I also won't mind for them for being young and horny. I got to try a few young malay lad and they fuck like a donkey. It was amazing but the connection wasn't there. I understand that. Sex only. Most gay guys ain't loyal. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Decluttering. Minimalist.

Dear Zach,

I am becoming more and more of a minimalist. 

For the past few months, I was downsizing my items. I threw away unused stuffs. I donated my shirts which had not been worn for years for charity. I threw away books I never read. I gave away facial cream like sunblock SPF 60+ to my mum to which she finds the complexion for her skin is too dark. She threw it away. I stopped taking health supplement which does nothing significantly to my health. I drink only plain water. Less sugar. Eat only veges and eggs. Avoid eating meat as much. 

I am keeping the bare minimal essential to myself. Just that I haven't painted my room in white color to further accentuate the concept of minimalist. My mum thinks I'm crazy for throwing out stuff out of the blue. I told her that I was wearing my uniform more than the casual shirt I wear when I go out. It is not necessary for keeping so much clothes in my closet as I have no chance of wearing them at all. Even if I do, a round-necked shirt and short pant would be to-go for me.

I removed a lot of contacts from my phone. Only my family and co-workers are on my list. I deleted Instagram - it's too much comparing and unhealthy to be seeing pictures. I removed it because I still can live without it. 

I literally feel so much lighter physically and mentally. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

#Throwback Post

Dear Zach,

Just want to do a throwback post.

The darkest day of my life I had ever been through.

I want to bury it. Never let it see the daylight again. But I decided that past is the past. A great lesson for me now.

Here's the post back in 2013: TWENTYSIXOFDECEMBER
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