Monday, November 20, 2017

Gay Apps Ready

Dear Zach,

Since I've moved on, I have downloaded Grindr, Blued, Tinder, and Hornet to make myself readily available.

I have been busy switching between these apps. I was hooked to Tinder at first, as the week went by, guys in there are just for show. Conversation always ended in 4 or 6 sentences. I don't bother to go along. I haven't hooked up with anyone yet in Grindr. The choices of man is multifarious I can't bring myself to be picky. I am obsessed with Blued. Blued has instilled with its specialty of having a live feature by selecting "public" or "private". Good Lord. The first time I did public live of myself I was so nervous. But the thrill excites me and my dick. I gained a number of followers from there. When I switched to private life to selected guys, I bare all and show them what I got. There was one time I whatsapp one of my newly met sex buddy saying that we should do a "private live" sex for the audience. He was so hyped for it. The thought of it turns me on. Hornet is always my go-to hook up paradise with the amount of malay guys in there. I see some potential guys in there. Anyway, I try not to think about it.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Back On Top

Dear Zach,

I wasn't going about blog this but I blog it anyway. It is so groundbreaking. For y'all.

One night, I invited one of my regular sex partner over to my house when my parents were away for wedding dinner. As usual, we made out. We love making out because he is such a good kisser. FYI, he's versatile. But I know him long enough, so I didn't mind keeping him. We have good chemistry all along. We did 69 position and at one point I wanted to rim his ass out. He has such a nice bumpy ass. While he was sucking my dick with his slippery mouth on top of me, I dived into his ass and started eating his ass. I couldn't stop. My tongue was finding way to penetrate his hole. It felt so good. 

Then I asked, "Can I fuck you?"

He was eye-wided. "Really? You sure? Your dick is kinda huge." 

"No worry. I will go slow."

Without hesitation, he positioned himself on his stomach, I kept rimming his ass while I put on the condom. Without a sec, I slide my cock into him. I didn't know what came over me for making me being the top now. I was dominant. I wrapped him from behind and making out while undulating my hips for further penetration. Inside of me hoping that I won't cum too soon because I wish to enjoy. Usually, I came fast when I fuck and that's so embarrassing. 

The view of his round ass being penetrated turned me on even more, I fucked him hard enough to moan so loud. 

"It feel so good." He said.

"yeah.. oh god. Your ass is so good." I whispered in his ear. "you are the first guy I fuck in 2 years." 

This continued for at least 20 minutes. My dick turned soft because of my daily ritual masturbation in the shower room after work. Probably my dick was worked out. Not bad for a fresh start of being a top. 

Since my dick turned soft, he flipped me over into missionary position, and his turn to fuck me. 

He cum a river. I didn't. 

We washed ourselves and back to bed cuddling. We talked and kissed in between. 

"I really enjoy fucking you. Oh god. I can't believe I fuck someone after 2 years of being pure bottom." 

Now, the thought of being top has turned me on. Not sure if I should continue back being a bottom. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Miss Moving On

Dear Zach,

Over the weeks, there were some malay guys hit me up in Instagram and Hornet. We chat a little. Getting to know each other a little bit better. Then they gone missing for days without a text.

I wasn't supposed to be upset over this petty stuff. But I was. So upset. With their mind thinking of fucking me.

Am I just a piece of meat to them?

Anyway, I've moved on from all those depressing rejection I've gotten.

Probably I won't need a relationship for the time being. I can't get anyone who is sincerely enough to ask me for date.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tired To Please

Dear Zach,

I'm reaching to the point that I was so tired of these sliding message in my Instagram account and begin with friendly greeting to the where he started saying horny and shit.

Is this what am I supposed to get from men? Is that it?

They see me as sex object?

Why can't they say something nice to me?

I'm gonna respect myself before I throw myself into another lie again.

Friday, October 20, 2017


Dear Zach,

I'm still debating to blog about this. 

Even though I was tested clean last Saturday. But, on Sunday, I had sex with this Malay daddy for the second time. It was great sex. He fucked so hard for the last few minutes before he cum. But the only thing that irked me was that I wasn't sure if the condom slipped off when he cum or it slipped off when he pull out that time. I was extremely paranoid. I even checked the condom while he was showering. It didn't have any white remnants. He said he came last night so probably not much cum in the condom. Which I resort to the notion of cumming inside of me. I did try to shit it out afterward, nothing came out. 

On the way back home, I asked if he's clean, last sex with, safe sex and last checkup. His last checkup was July 2017. Not sure if I am afraid. On Tuesday, my throat is itching. Then I have a mild fever. My paranoia began. I texted him again if he's telling the truth. He got fed up with me. Saying I shouldn't be having sex at all.

"If I were to be infected, probably God punished me for my undoing. Hopefully I won't spread it to others too." I can't blame him for having a go at me. But I was too scare. He said he did not have any rashes or fever or any sort of symptoms. No. None. 

I frantically checked online if the symptoms show in 3 or 4 days after contracting. It's not very likely.  

Probably I was happened to be under the weather these few days? 

Please God. 

Please tell me it's just under the weather. 
© Dear Zach
Maira Gall