Tuesday, December 16, 2014



Dear Zach,

It’s midst of the week. I felt like I had been through a week of exhaustion – it’s not even Friday yet. Ever since I had completed my internship last Friday, I have been sending my resume to many companies in jobstreet, and, in return, I had gotten some invitations for interview for the following days. I had been to five interviews in total, I dare to say that I am an expert interviewee now. Not sure if they are gonna hire me, but I had given all in. It was really nerve-wrecking being questioned and sometimes you babbled shit to answer to question, realizing you didn’t even answer the question itself. Imagine my horror when they starring at me with the awkward silence hanging around the atmosphere. Not sure why but I always felt the urge to laugh when I was situated in this kind of situation. Practice makes perfect – now I had grasped the way of their questioning technique and I knew exactly how to counter. If I really couldn’t answer, I’d have to use my last resort – slap the shit out of them. Mind the pun.

Having been through several interviews, the more I realized that I wasn’t really interested in any of the jobs. My biggest fear is my doubts. I have doubts that I couldn’t hold on to these jobs I had applied for long. Mainly because my interest isn’t there. They offered me great remuneration, but I am not sure if I want to accept. This is a very important step of my stepping stone for my career. I can’t afford to make a mistake and hoop to another job just for the sake of my interest. I’ve always wanted to work in a publishing or magazine firm – sadly to know that Malaysia have very limited choices of such company. If there comes a moment when I have to make a huge decision for my career path, I’d have to think wisefully.

There’s a few more interviews in later days this week. I will be heading to Singapore for two interviews. If I could make it for the interviews, I might have the chance of working there. Hopefully Singaporean isn’t as stringent as Malaysian – I really wish to work there. Oh well… let’s the faith to decide.


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  1. Gambateh lo..
    Wish you dream come true.
    ;) Good luck.


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