Sunday, December 7, 2014

Heart Wants What It Wants


Dear Zach,

I had tried. My hardest to keep my feelings away. Hiding in depth of my heart, where no one could be discovered. I was trying. Kept on trying to hide. It just couldn’t ebb away.

I had made my confession to him. Over the typical type of method – text message.

Rejection is common. I knew it was coming. I knew it because we both are still incapable of committing into something serious.

But, at least, I had tried to make a move - telling him how I feel about him. I am willing to try.

The is the first time I’ve ever tried my bravest to fight for what I think it’s worth fighting for.

Exhilarating yet daunting.


Minor Update at 9.27pm:

Just when i thought thing is going fine, it turns out everything is just a lie.


  1. I would say it's a good move, at least you tried and feel no regret. Sometimes listen to your heart will get hurt, but it's still better than we don't even try n fall into "what if" dilemma.

    1. i tried. no regret. :)

  2. Yeah, u tried and that's all that matters. No regret =)

    1. i felt more relief. :)

  3. Went thru that once regret doing it then but looking back now. He is not worth it.

    1. if we knew then what we know now, everything would not have happened. :)


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