Sunday, December 28, 2014

Instagram-famous? Not.


Dear Zach,

Few days ago, I had some sexual encounters with this guy at his house, who happens to be same age as me, and we did nothing heavy though. I was very reluctant to move when he suggested to go to a coffee shop, simply because I hate coffee. Well, his persistence had me no choice I didn’t wanna be so rude for declining his offer. So we went to a coffee shop, ordered our drinks, and sat at the far corner where no one could hear us, which no one would even hear us since the coffee shop was empty of customer. And when he asked for WiFi password from the servant, he told him “Sorry, we don’t have WiFi here.” Nodded his head to the direction of the laminated paper attaching on the wall, saying “No WiFi here. Please Talk to each other.” I laughed a little.

We chit-chat a little, getting to know each other a little bit. And I got to know that he’s a big spender, Instagram-famous, and so-called high profile person. Simply because he has many friends of Taiwanese and Malaysian top models and their cell phone numbers. And pointing out which person is gay. I can instantly tell that he’s an attention seeker – the most typical gay boy in this current trend. He asked me if I know anyone who is high profile. I said “Define high profile.” He said, “That kind of guy who has thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook.” Seriously? I mean like you consider this as such high profile person? I told him that I don’t care. He technically had his first hookup with a guy from Instagram. I almost peed my pants when he said this. So Instagram is the newest hookup space now?

First thing first, having thousands of followers on your social medias doesn’t make you famous – is your slutty anatomy exposing pictures that attracts thousand of horny guys to follow you. If having thousands of followers make you famous, then why didn’t I see you on the front page of cover magazine? Are people nowadays that shallow thinking having followers will make you famous? I have no comment about this.

I was glad time past by quickly. He sent me back to my place and we bid goodbye. We never talked to each other since then. I am glad because I don’t think I can tolerate such person again.


  1. How I wish most places got this No wifi sign to remind us what we suppose to do.

  2. but got data plan.......Lolx......

  3. I was once wanna be famous and all.. but... for what right ?
    I hate it when friends are on their phone at a mamak session

    1. snatch it and dip into Teh Tarik. You will then have the all the attention with a fist or slap.


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