Friday, December 5, 2014

Job Interviews


Dear Zach,

Here’s a little update of my life so far:

1. I was a little bit hyperventilating yet sad at the same time thinking the fact that I am about to leave this shitty workplace I hated so much in 1 week time. Though in my heart I am saying I won’t ever miss this place, but what I miss the most would be him.

2. My phone was buzzing with job interviews for every few hours asking if I am interested for available vacancies. And my answer had always been ‘yes’ because I don’t want to miss any of the opportunities. But the interviews are all falling on the same date. I’d have to reply them via email one by one asking if either each of them could change date for me. How embarrassing of me as an unemployer asking an employer to change interview dates just for me.

3. I went for 2 interviews on Wednesday. Both went very well. Especially the first one. And I vomit like shit after the first interview. And then attended for the second interview. Thought I was feeling perfectly fine after the first vomiting - It proved me wrong. I vomit like shit after the second interview. And then I spent 12 hours sleeping away til the next day.

4. I got a called from the company I had my first interview on Wed. They intended to hire me after I complete my internship. What makes me relief was that when she asked if I really wanted the job, and I said “Not really keen.” I may have lost one, but there’s plenty of chances out there.


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