Sunday, July 3, 2016

In the nutshell

Dear Zach,

Alright. I've quit my job. Now it's time to find another one. The cycle goes like that. It is the 4th time in 2 years I've quit my job just like that. I've grown used to it. In fact, it seems to be a norm to me. Here are some facts I've gotta admit after working in office:

1. I hated working under stress. I don't handle it well even though I lied during the interview saying that I could handle it well. I lied. I didn't handle it well in the end. 

2. I always scowl when I work seriously. I was often mistaken that I have attitude problem - which utterly pisses me off. That's my fucking face. What do you expect me to change? A facelift, bitch?

3. I hated wearing office shirt. It looks good on me but I don't feel good at all. Simply because I sweat profusely under the sun. 

4. I hated having a female manager. Yes I'm sexist because I have bad encounters with 2 female managers who are as dry as nun's crotch. 

5. I hated to report to my superior for what I did for the day. Reporting means you gonna explain what you did. Explaining means you gonna tell her exactly what you did. She would look at you as if you were so dumb for doing such thing for the day. And then there set off the heated conversation between me and the superior, trying to right the wrong for me; wrong the right for her. She would accuse me for having "attitude" problem. Since when giving my own opinion is fucking equivalent to that? Which lead to number 6.

6. I hated accusation. And having a conversation with my superior. 

7. I hated having deadline. If you don't meet it, you would be so dead. 

8. I can't sit still. My ass is either always on constant penetration or always off the seat. 

9. I hated office environment. It just so not me.

10. I hated the fact that I earn peanut for working 9 hours. 

conclusion: I will never ever step foot in office job. It's never too late to know what I want now. 


  1. Probably try something more of a PR type job? If socializing is something that you enjoyed? Or into a different branch ie air steward?

    Office wear is quite hard to get out of though.

    1. I'm not a social-person. I lied as well during my interview to get the job because i was desperate. I'm more into sports kind of job. Air steward is way out of my league. The opening slot is quite limited I would say.

    2. Gym instructor or therapist? Need a diploma or certificate?

    3. Yes. To be one of them. You need certification. But i am running to low of money for that. not to mention feeding myself is a problem right now. sigh.

    4. How about working at McDonald's for the time being? I heard they have quite a nice system of self enrichment if u decided to learn more abt working there

    5. i've seen quite a number of local chinese youngster working in McD .. I am quite surprised that they are willing to work there.

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    7. I guess McD isn't your cup of tea then? For starters it isn't an office environment unless you got into the management level. Otherwise as Shocky Wavey suggested, event management sounds pretty interesting but has its own challenges as well.

  2. How about working in event management? Good pay but sometime need to work in odd hours.


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