Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So Long & So Short


Dear Zach,

It had been an eventful year for me this year. Though nothing much happening that worth remembering, of course I’d definitely remember the time I had spent studying in my dorm in college, rushing assignments, the club activities, and the internship period. I am not going to elaborate much about that because I guess everyone who is reading it is pretty much fed up about all.

Of course, there are a few people that I’ll always miss. Not sure if they still remember me, it doesn’t matter if they don’t. I would not blame them for that. Time flies; Memory fades. Everybody has their own lives to go on. Once in a while, I feel like sending them a text, but I bet the conversation wouldn’t hold long enough. I will just have to miss them in my heart.

On the other note, I received a call from one of the company I had interview saying that they intend to hire me. I accepted their offer instantly. Yup, I got a job. It’s a good news to kick start new year. I might sound nonchalantly in this matter, but I am pretty sure getting a job is nothing much excited about. So … yeah. Period.

It’s the last day of 2014, I should be listing down my resolutions – I didn’t. I don’t intend to. Because no one is going to follow exactly the plan anyway. Pointless of doing that. The only thing I wanna do is to be happy everyday. I’ve had enough to unhappiness this year, it’s time to move out from the dark circle and be happy. Being happy isn’t an easy job, because one word, one moment, one person, one look, or one slap could bring you back to what you originally are.

Getting good in shape is most guys utmost priority. I couldn’t be bothered of doing that either. I tired of trying to be someone I am not. Be it bad shape or weird shape of my body, I am going to be who I am. I am not going to work my body to impress people; I impress people for being myself. That’s all matter. 

So long for now. See you guys next year.



  1. Congrazt!!! That is really a good news before new year! So when are you start to work?

    Wish you have a wonderful new year. We can't restart our life, but we can continue build a better and happy life!

    1. thank you. next week monday i will start working.

  2. Zach, you are awesome. I like your blog very much.


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