Saturday, December 20, 2014



Dear Zach,

Torn between the decisions that has to be made within limited period of time. I am unsure if it’s really what I want for my future sake.

I have got offers from two companies from Singapore. It is a great news to rejoice; I didn’t feel like it. What makes me cringe-worthy is that they want me to make decision as soon as possible. Working in Singapore is what most fresh-grad ever wanted to be.

A question that is running in my mind right now: Do I really want this? I mean, is this where I want to be? Leaving everything I have, to be working in a foreign continent, and starting my life anew?

I am confuse right now.

I need to be away and get distracted.


  1. In Singapore? Everyone gets distracted hahaha.

    1. i know what u mean.
      And indeed, I was totally distracted for all the time during my visit to singapore for interviews.
      seriously, guys there are brilliant breed.


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