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Dear Zach,

When I was first asked to differentiate between trousers and pants, I was stunned for God knows how many seconds had past, only to realize I had no idea there was a difference in them. I scooted over to one corner discreetly, powered up my smart phone to search for “Trousers VS Pants” on the Google bar, not wanting to lose my dignity in front of my colleagues for not knowing what trouser is. Well, I was assured, firmly assured, that both terms mean the same thing but both are being used in different country – that’s what the Google said. For my entire life, I had been using the term ‘pants’ to describe pants in different sizes, length, width, and colors. As long as it covers the most private part of your anatomy at your lower body, it’s safely wearable and I am just whatever.

What am I writing about this? There are a few reasons but I want to emphasize on one: Fashion in Men.

I do notice the fact that men, especially who are aged over 25, are starting to look attractive at their respective age. Partly because they are mostly financially stable and the fashion sense is getting over them in a way their surrounding peers also starting looking fashionably good. It’s a good thing for men to know how to dress up well to impress themselves and people. Sometimes I came across some men, gay men especially, wearing short shorts – like real short – walking around the mall. It’s not sexy but greatly horrifying. I think for men, regardless straight or gay, should be able to dress up decently before stepping out the door to see the day light.

Trouser is the good choice for every man. It looks good on them. And definitely cover up the hairy calves which sometimes grossing the shit out of people. For those who do not know what trouser is like I do, below is the picture.


Isn’t the trouser looking too hot on this guy already?

A good choice of trouser is the best make up potion to bad wardrobe. Basic trouser can be paired up with tank top, sleek shirt, and T-shirt, and you are good to go for a day/night out. It gives you that macho yet approachable aura and expensive looking to others who see you. Colored trousers could also be worn if you are a vibrant joyful person.


Very often when I run out of idea of dressing myself up, I’d go for a plain color trouser and pair up with a desired color of T-shirt. Because it’s easy, breezy, and wonderful.


Picture extracted from Zalora official website :

Remember, dressing simple is sexy.



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  1. ive got 8 different coloured pants but i can't wear it much in msia cos of this fukced up weather.. urgh... oh, i sweat very easily thats why... i wanna my cold climate!! :(


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