Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Don’t Care


Dear Zach,

I was in my own foul mood today. I had been quiet for the entire day. Dead quiet. Everyone seemed to be aware of my unspoken silence and found me intimidating as my facial expression was as dark as charcoal, they never dared to speak to me. Neither did I speak more than ten words for the whole day to anyone. I appreciated that they didn’t try to talk to me. Because if they do I would have flipped out, and punched bitches.

I expected him to talk to me at least to find out what was wrong with me; He did not. I was really disappointed by the fact that he treated me such way, even if he would have the chance of being punched. And I was jealous of him when he told me he had lunchie with the bitch he hated. Okay, I shouldn’t be jealous as the bitch had no one to go lunch with, him being a lady-men to have accompanied her for lunch. And my foul mood was ten times worst after lunch hour. I refused to look anyone in the eye, especially him. I used my cold stare at him, and hard voice to him. And yet he still acted nonchalantly to my sudden changes of behavior. I swear to God I could have thrown a chair across the room at his face.

This. Has readily proven that he does not like me as a person. He just attracted to my physical appearance. I am really disappointed in him. It’s over. It’s done. If he’s ever touch me, I will slap him for sure.


  1. Yi..
    Like that kind of person also got o.
    Really slap him strong one if his dare touch you.
    PS: But please don't hurt yourself o.Don't do silly things and no need waste you energy to angry to make yourself become unhappy.
    Is unworthy,remember you deserve better than this kind people.
    Bear hugs.:)

  2. This sounds bad. You need to cheer up. Look for someone better.

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