Saturday, November 22, 2014



Dear Zach,

A week that filled with lust could really make my week a little much brighter and I look forward to each day itself. Not sure if it’s lust or just some sudden fondness I found in him. Good thing is that we work together in the same area, so that we get to talk to each other without failure.

I never liked him in a way I like him now when I got to know him 3 months back. We just work. Nothing much happening then. Back then I hated my job so much to the point I didn’t really notice about him. As the days went by, I was starting to notice him. He’s slim, slightly shorter than me, and wearing an old-fashioned specs on his handsome face. If you ask me if he’s attractive at the first place, I’d say no. He’s never really my type of guy I’d consider to have sex with.

Time makes funny things to people. Not sure when I starting to have the intention to get to know him better. I think it’s the sex topic that makes both of us sexually attracted to each other. We shared our sexual encounters, and other sexual stuffs. Everyday whenever he approaches me, his after-showered scene filled my nostril, always giving me an instant hard-on. I wanted to grab him into me and smooch him madly in the working area. We always flirt with each other whenever we have the chance.

Deep down I know I shouldn’t be having such complicated relationship as I’d be leaving in a month. We wouldn’t be seeing each other then. I constantly remind myself that I must not fond of him. I must hate him. Despise him. But I couldn’t. Until one day, we unintentionally drove to a discreet place after lunch, and made out in the car. It was good. I felt ecstatic! I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way as I did. The next day itself, I wanted to tell him we should remain what it should have been instead of going further. I couldn’t do it. And I miss his lips on me already.

I have no idea where this is going to lead to. Is it going to lead to a new beginning of something I am afraid to be committing for so long or it’s just some platonic encounter that I usually have?

Argh! I shouldn’t have let my dick to think.


  1. hahhhhahahahahahaha.... *tekan like*

    recently ive been giving someone else the instant hard on whenever im around him.. hehe... feel so powerful!! :)

    1. at least you are in a reliable relationship. as for me .. it's still in between the line of friends and lovers.


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