Tuesday, November 4, 2014

No Gain But Pain


Dear Zach,

I have lost my motivation as to why I had to pump myself so hard in the gym.

I am lost - Lost my reasons and directions.

I have been hitting the gym 5 days a week. But, who am I trying to prove? Not sure if there’s one or virtual one.

Today, while I was deadlifting, the owner of the gym came to me and asked, “So… how’s your progress? Any gains?”

I looked at myself.

“What do you think?” I directed my question back.

He scanned me in just total 3 seconds at most. I already knew what was really running in his mind. He didn’t have to tell. I didn’t have to say.

“Well…”, I shrugged. “I’ll just have to work harder.”

“It takes time, buddy.”

“I know.” I didn’t want to be felt defeated. Funnily, why did I feel like it was worst than feeling defeated? 


  1. Know your body physiology before you set your goals.

    Sometimes, studying hard without studying smart doesn't help either.

    On top of pumping, read up more on body composition and nutrition? It's a long journey, and don't overstress over this. Because this is still temporary, it can never be there forever.

    1. it takes time - that's all i can say to myself.

  2. woah! tempus!! nice one! lol

    anyway, wanna say, you just need to impress yourself for now! once you have found the one, all you need to do is to impress him and him only, no one else, if you do, means its time to reprioritize! :)


    1. trying my best to do that. As usual, it takes time. lol


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