Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mundane-ber (November)


Dear Zach,

I thought there were another 3 months more before hitting the brand new year; I was wrong. After this month, there’s only one month to new year. It is really fast and furious, don’t you think?

Life is pretty much mundane – nothing much sexcinting happen. I have been staying off sex for almost 2 weeks and a half, and still counting. Not sure if I ever wanted to have it with random stranger anymore. It’s really tiring and yet exhausting with all those niceties before jumping into the bed. Strangely, I recently much more into chatting with strangers in Jack’d rather than asking if he’s top or bottom which eventually lead  to another expected event. Sometimes I got fed up with mild-intelligence people, I replied curtly, very curtly, to them so that the whole conversation can bring to a whole new level of shutting down.

Besides, my weekdays were filled with working hours that I resent so much I wish the company can go bankrupt in no time, and after-working gym hours, hence my celibacy goes on like forever without me knowing it. It’s really good to have some distraction away from thinking about getting laid all the time as I used to be. That being said, I am so hating on my job everyday. Day by day my hatred toward this company, and the CEO, is growing ever stronger. Those tasks given had me lost 3 kg of my weight. I am so heartbroken seeing my figure on the weighting scale going down as I built my weight to that desired level was really painstakingly tough. Now, it loses away like nobody business. I am not sure whether to cry or to laugh. My weekends were spent with my toys at home, refusing to go out to see the daylight, and playing “Chandelier” repeatedly til my mum shouted from downstairs to ask me to shut it off.

I come to realize everything what an adult life is – career, money, and sex. Doing the job you hated, having dangerously low level of income, and getting more sleeps in your own bed rather than somebody’s else bed, are deadly combination. A pathetic deadly combination.


  1. Stay strong and take care! Health comes first..

    The last paragraph, I genuinely think that you and I are still too young to feel that way about adult life... That sounds more like the sentiment of someone going through a mid life crisis... It's a long long way to go, so try to find and focus on the positives, a lot of times I think it's amazing how our mindset can change our outlook in life altogether :)

    1. thanks. you too take care .. try not to get laid too much.

      Well, I think it's good to start to feel that way at young so that we won't be able to have such thinking when we undergoing mid life crisis. And that's a drive for us to be better each day as it can be. Sometimes being young can be a threat for us for being irrational for certain things we care about.

    2. Gambateh!!
      And take care..
      Be strong!!
      I don't know you know to read Chinese or not,if not..please google...:P

    3. thank you. :)


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