Saturday, November 8, 2014



Dear Zach,

I was feeling very heavy for the entire day. The rainy day wasn’t making my mood any better either. Not sure if it was just today that I was feeling such way or it has eventually imparted on daily basis.

I was having foul mood today. Going out for lunch alone during lunch break at work, refusing to open my mouth so much to talk nonsense at the lab, and feeling regretful entire time. I even snapped at this guy, whom I didn’t intend to contact for months, who whatsapped me for no reason. I am just getting sicked of people with no sincerity. I am just getting sicked of people for not being whom they said they are. I am just sicked of doing something I don’t like it at all. Why the pretentious? Why the agony? Why can’t be the truth? 

I am just tired of this flaccid living.

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