Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stinky B-yotch


Dear Zach,

Thank you for the kind words of dumping that asshole in my previous post.

Yup. I was really happy that I did not touch him today by any chance. Nor did he touch me when I was alone with him in the car to somewhere for lunch. And I did not really talk to him. I was glad things between us had changed so drastically without me knowing it and remained back to what it was supposed to be when I started working there – to be strictly platonic. When he jokingly told me he was leaving next week, I wasn’t surprised. In fact, I was glad he could leave as soon as possible before I leave the company in two weeks time. Having that being said, he is going to leave this company as well on the same day I leave. What a fucking coincidence! But I couldn’t be bothered because I will not be seeing him anyway. Let alone him fucking himself. And whenever he tried to bring up topic about sex, I avoided it completely and pretended I wasn’t interested in talking about sex with him under such awkward circumstances. What I found irritating about him is that his fingers are constantly on tapping his phone for almost all the time, especially while driving, eating, and walking. I really couldn’t hold my irritation of his such disrespectful behavior to me, I voiced it out, “Why are you tapping your phone all the time?”

“Just tapping. Playing games.” He said, still tapping on his phone.

“My dad is almost like you. Tapping on the phone, playing games when we having family dinner.” I said, looking ahead of the road. “And he was admonished by me for being disrespectful to us.” I added.

He still had the cheek to say this, “So you are trying to admonish me for being like this?”

“Well, I am trying to give you an advice. It’s a bad habit.” My tone was hard. But he didn’t seem to notice.

“Oh. Thanks for the piece of advice.” He continued on tapping his phone.

“You don’t have to listen it anyway.” I said sardonically.

“Listen or not, that’s my wish. Thanks though.” Tap tap tap tap

I am so disappointed. What a complete arsehole! I tuned up the volume of the car stereo and refused to talk to him after that. If he doesn’t want to talk, why should I talk to him? 

Lesson learnt from this experience: Never ever bring up the topic about sex in work. Simply because topic about sex could drive two people doing all sorts of wrong things at wrong place at wrong time. Fortunately, I didn’t get to suck his hardon anyway – his dick stinks when I slipped my hand into his pants and grabbed hold of it. I washed my hands with Dettol thrice, but the stinky odor still linger around my palm. Sorry for being such a bitch here, but I am not sorry.



  1. Lol. Obviously he doesn't care.

    Wait. Why is he still in your car for lunch?

    1. I wondered the same too. and ewww.... what factory is it down there? cheese? ewwwww

  2. I cant be an ignorant bastard like him for being the ignorant to me. One has to play nice and gentleman and that's how u win in the end. Having lunch with him is no big deal as long as i pretend he doesn't exist sitting next to me. And i even parked far away at the car park from the company, and told him to walk back himself as i wanted to stay in thecar for longer time.
    Not sure what his dick made of.. but I'm sure a hell lucky fellow who didn't get down his knee to blow his thing. It's fucking stinky. Argh!

    1. Wait, how would you know it stinks?

      Lol, if I don't like a person, forget about me being gentleman at all. Unless it's between life or death.

    2. I knew it when we made out in my car doing naughty stuffs which i mentioned in previous post called Romance? He still had the cheecks to tell me that he didn't wash his dick. Really disgusting.


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