Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dance The Night


Dear Zach,

It was Saturday night and happened to be a public holiday on that day, everyone should come out to party.

If had I been not cordially and best-friendedly invited by my best friend for her 23th birthday bash in Zouk Club, I would have done the usual same old routine like what my Saturdays usually were – doing nothing. It had been months since my last clubbing experience and I was very looking forward to go there again.

The crowds were getting more by the time of 12.30 a.m.. Zouk club had never ceased to amaze me with the appearance of handsome guys. I would say 80% of the club were filled with decent-looking guys. So it was fun to look at some eye candies while dancing on the dance floor. And girls, of course, dressed sexy as hell. Very very attractive I have to admit. There’s small group of us at the corner table in the main room, drinking and pissing off.

There was one guy, who is one of my best friend’s friend, in his midst-20s caught my eyes instantly when we met. He is attractive, well built, very good-looking. My inner subconscious raised its suspicion of this guy whether he’s one of us. Moment later, I tapped Vic shoulder and talked loudly over the music in her ears.

“That guy quite not bad eh,” I said.

“Yeah? He’s bisexual.” she said, I gaped at her momentarily.

I knew it! Guy like him should be either gay or bisexual.

“He told you?”

“I heard it from someone else.” She noticed my reaction. “Go for him. Who knows he might be interested in you.” She gave a playful smile.

“Is he single?”

“Apparently, yes.”

“Oh then. Maybe I will. Try.”

As much as I wanted to, we just exchanged a few niceties and then I went to the dance floor dancing. I was not sure he’s too good for me or otherwise, I just didn’t have the intention to get to know someone yet. My sole intention was to enjoy the night. I didn’t bother much if he’s gay or whatsoever, I just want to enjoy my night.

It was really cool to be able to dance together on the dance floor with those hot chicks. Boyy.. they got moves. Too bad the crowds were quite dead. I wasn’t sure if they standing at the side of the dance floor side-seeing or just wanted to stand there for the whole night.

Anyway, I was happy.



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  1. Is great to see you enjoy and happy ��
    Keep going.^0^y


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