Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Smiling Manifesto


Dear Zach,

Recently I’ve read a book and stumbled across about this girl was in need of happiness to overcome her years of depression. In order to do so, she came up with a happiness manifesto pinned at the back of her bedroom, to keep herself happy all the time. This idea has struck me thinking that I should have this in my life – doing things that keep myself happily contained. The manifesto consists of ten tasks that needed to be completed daily. Failure to comply will result in your own designated consequence. Here’s my Smiling Manifesto:

Ten Daily Tasks

1. Count Your Blessing – before bed you have to think of things from the day that were good and that you are grateful for.

2. Have a face-to-face conversation with somebody – you need to leave the house and go outside and find somebody to have it done.

3. Give yourself a treat – could be anything that pleasures you.

4. Laugh – a must-do.

5. Exercise – this can say no more.

6. Smile or say hello to a stranger (has to be a different person to number 2.)

7. Do a kind deed – either helping someone or going out of your way to be nice to someone.

8. Spend no more than two hours of laptop a day.

9. Put your phone away – pick up when there is an absolute necessity.

10. Keep smiling – no matter how terribly thing has gone out, just face it with a smile. A weak smile will do.


Failure to comply will be subjected to these consequences:

1. No facebook. No instagram.

(there are subjected to change.)

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