Saturday, September 6, 2014

Of Internship


Dear Zach,

Hey all! I am still alive and living dreadfully through the day of working life. Internship had started two weeks ago and I have found myself disliking my job by each day. I was done complaining about it in front of my parents and I guess I should take it easy as I can be. As the matter of fact, I wouldn’t be here after 3 months and doing such thing for future sake.

Each day after work, I hit the gym no matter how tired I am. After having my dinner, I straight away crashed into my bed. I didn’t even have time to be spending online. Having started working life as if starting anew of my life. I see things differently and have different opinions of my own. And I have spent time thinking a lot about my career if I wanna do such job for the rest of my life. I already have my dream career in mind but I am not going to share it here yet. I just wanna clear off my mind and really think about it whether this dream career of mine is really worth pursuing.

On the unrelated note, I have literally no intention of playing Facebook anymore. I have removed all the pictures and newsfeed in my profile. So you wouldn’t be able to see me there and I will not add anymore friend.

Til then.



  1. cheh, i left you a message in your inbox :( lol hahahahhaahha

  2. Gambateh!!
    Keep moving on.
    Will be better than before.


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