Sunday, August 3, 2014

Absurd Criteria Of Finding A Prince Charming


Dear Zach,

I stumbled upon this profile of anonymous and found this so called ‘criteria of prince charming’ is absurdly hilarious.


Try to find a right guy to become my lover.... The criteria of my Prince Charming is:

1. Understanding me
2. Gymmer like me ( plus if he like Less Mills Excercise like Bodypump, Bodyjam, Bodycombat and Bodybalance)
3. Can cook coz I love to eat.
4. Older than me and hopefully 35+ year old.
5. I don't care how rich he is because I can earn my own money.
6. Can spend time with me
7. Romantic
8. Caring
9. Love pet cause right now I planning to adopt Maine Coon / Bengal / American Short hair as my CHild....hehehehehe....
10. Lastly, can follow me every weekend to Fitness First to workout together with me....

Seriously, I m not a chooser guy because I m also just average guy but most people here just wanna hv fun and this year I m 33 and feel very old already to hvg affair/scandal/ ons. Just need a serious relationship only... Cheer !


I am so rolling on bed laughing real hard by reading point number 1 to 10.

Ironically, he self-disclaimed he isn’t a choosy guy but he still have the decency to list out 10 criteria of finding a prince charming. It’s okay to have listed out what he wants out of a guy.

Well. I shall: “say good luck in your endeavor.”

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