Thursday, August 7, 2014

God Forbid Me From Getting Laid


Dear Zach,

For the past two weeks, I have been searching over the internet and apps on the phone to satisfy my need. I did go to sauna and a few infamous gay-cruised swimming pools in town to check out if I was able to hook up some hot guy.

After a several encounters, most are neither interested in penetration sex nor doing any heavy stuff.

I was like “You must be joking?”. My man-gina was screaming for need and I couldn’t find a better guy, even if I did, to give what I need.

I was really sexually frustrated. I do not know why I am always horny when I get bored.

God is telling me something. Maybe HE is trying to tell me that I might have something that I shouldn’t be having in my blood to be transmitted to other people or I should aware of these people.

Last night was my last attempt. Unsurprisingly, I got rejected.

If God is forbidding me from having sex, then I shall do it no more from now on. I am going to be celibate starting from now on.



  1. Be strong!!you still have ten finger,can solve the problem when you feel horny.

    1. It's normal to have higher sex drive in early manhood. =]


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