Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unpleasant Getaway @ Chiang Mai


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Dear Zach,

A small getaway to Chiang Mai, Thailand, was rather unpleasant. In the previous post, I did mention that I wasn’t really looking forward to this trip mainly because it was a family trip. Indeed, it was and I hated family trip a lot – lots of conflicts happened and I was so sick of it at one point I just decided to walk away from them and rent a bicycle cycling around the city. Despite all the expenses were paid by my dad. I am grateful for that. My notion of travelling around the new continent is way far different from them – especially my mum and brother. At one point, my mum threw a tantrum at my dad in front of a coffee shop just because my dad and I mentioned something about walking a lot. My dad literally walked away but he halted for the sake of her. She hates walking aimlessly from one point to another but my brother insisted to walk because he likes it so much and that should have been the way of how travellers do. Bullshit much. And I hated his idea of travelling. I hated family trip. I swear to God this is my first and last trip with them. I just don’t get it, travelling should be creating more happiness. Instead, my travelling created more hatred. It’s just plain stupid. I am not happy from this trip. Not at all.

In spite of everything, I did award myself thai massages every night after an exhausted day of walking. I’d have to say Massages in Chiang Mai is splendid.

I don’t fancy visiting temples. But it were eyes-opening.

I’ve finally seen the long neck ladies. They are truly rare kind of people. And theirs’ craftsmanship is the only way to earn for living.

I’ve finally known what ‘Tuk Tuk’ is. It was a cute ride.

Cycling around the town was the only thing I enjoyed truly much. I felt like I was a gypsy strolling around the town seeing something new.

By and large, I hated family trip.


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