Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Time I Had Sex In Public Swimming Pool Shower Room

Dear Zach,

Right after gym session, I headed right away to my usual swimming spot to chase after the blazing hot sun before it started to rain. It was 2.30 p.m. There were a few people mingling around in the pool. I headed into changing room and quickly changed into my speedo before the sun goes down again. 

I walked up to the stairs and the end of the bleacher, where there's an empty walkway and spot perfectly for people who wants to suntan without really being noticed - no one would actually go there. And we know damn well that actions happen if people walk around there. As I was walking to the end, I noticed a guy laying on the perfect spot, where the sun shone so bright on him, his body glistening with mixture of sweat and suntanning oil. I didn't really pay much attention to him when he looked up at me as I passed by him. 

I laid my sweaty gym attire on the rough floor as my mat, and laid on my back, facing the blazing hot sun, my arms and legs wide-open absorbing the rays of light as much as I could. After 10 minutes or so, I turned around, stomach facing the floor, and my vision was directly at the guy I saw just now. He seemed to have noticed that I noticed him. Because he kept turning his head to my direction as he laying on his back, hands over his head, head facing me. And I pretended to look past him as if I was looking something else - in fact I was looking at him. It hits me that he has a very hot body. And he's quite cute though with the trendy comb over haircut. His chest is very well-defined - the kind of chest you want to grab and feel how thick the muscle is; his abs are visible, initially I thought those were just adipose layer, only realized that his abs are thick and long; and he was wearing a blue speedo so short it exposed the top of his butt cheek. I can't help to stare at this hot specimen laying in front of me. I have the urge to lick all part of his glistening body away. 

Few seconds later, I quickly looked away, avoid giving false intention to him thinking that I want him, there and now. After what seemed to be an hour later, I decided to dip into the pool and cool myself down from the sun and him. Not long after, he dip into the pool, swam for few laps. I just sat by the pool, relishing the cool water, too tired to move at all after my gym session. I just sat there and looked around, but mainly looking at him. When he looked at me, I looked away. Our stare-throwing lasted for quite long til he got out of the pool and went into the shower room. I decided not to go in so quickly - not wanting to let him know that I was interested in him. After 5 minutes, I walked into the shower room, and went to the open shower area. 

While I was lathering under the shower, I turned around and saw him showering in one of the cubicle, exact opposite of me, open-doored. He didn't pull off his trunk, we both are under the shower with our trunks on. I can't keep my eyes off him as well as he can't keep his eyes off me. We both stared at each other while we lathering our body with soaps. I decided to make a drastic move, slowly pulling down my trunk til a patch of untanned area being shown, which is very dangerously low. He did the same too, trying to wash his crotch slowly lower down his trunk, exposing both of his butt cheeks to me. When I looked at the water dripping down to his chest, abs and then his crotch, I can't help myself that my crotch was getting elongated. He walked toward me, cautiously, sexily, and sexually. When he stood in front me, I could smell his tanning oil still lingering around his body. He gave me a once-over from bottom to top, slowly, he grabbed hold of my crotch, and slowly played with it. He seemed to be satisfied with what he saw, and I did the same to him, too. Disappointingly, his private anatomy doesn't really match to his chiseled physique, I was kinda a bit put off, but I at least I got to have a taste of his body.

 He grabbed my hand and led me into his cubicle shower as I collected my stuff along with me. Slowly, we kissed. We made out. Pulling our speedo off which seem to be a barrier for both of us. We were naked, making out under the shower. I slowly moved my hands all over his muscly body, and licked his sexy chest, his chiseled abs, and turned him around, I was on my knee, savoring his mighty fine ass. Damn his ass is so damn good. I was glad his ass response to my tongue when I rimmed him so hard I almost eat it up. So I asked him what role he is:

"Versatile, You?" he said, his mighty fine ass responding  to my hardon. 

"Versatile, too. But usually top." I said, kissing his neck from his back, grabbing his chest and his hardon. "Do you want me to top you?" I suggested.  

"Here? No. People is around" He said.

"It's break time. No people around. And it's raining outside." hoping he would change his mind. 

"Nah..," He hesitate. Part of me wonder if he's afraid of pain if I enter him, or has never been entered by a dick larger than his. So I suggested if he want to top me. 

"Aren't you top?" He asked. "Aren't you afraid of pain?"

"I do top but I can be bottom as well." I said. "There's no pain for me don't worry." Part of me wanted to tell him that there won't even be painful if he enter me, which would lead him thinking that I make an awful remark about his dick. 

He looked at me and said, "I don't have condom."

"I do." I said, mischievously fishing out a piece of condom from the pocket of my pants. 

"You are so well-prepared." He smirked. 

And then he took it, tore the foil off, and slip the condom on his dick. He used his suntanning oil as lubricant. 

Slowly, he entered me from behind, once its fully entered, he moved his hips, from slow to faster pace, banging against my ass. From the way he move I can tell, he's usually top. After a good 10 minutes bang, his cock slip off, the condom was torn. Then we continued by sucking each other off. When I almost on the edge of cuming, he was on his knee, accepting my essence. I cum so hard on his body, rendering his pec and abs were dripping down with my essence. The picture of his body with my essence was so hot. It was like one of the pornos I watched. I did the same to him when he cum, I was on my knee, let his essence came all over my body. 

"You came a lot, man." I laughed. 

"You are not so bad for yourself." He said. 

We washed ourselves off, and then get dressed. We have small chat while getting dressed. He's name is Josh and 30-years-old, and workout at Lot 10 and Midvalley (typical). I know he won't be asking my number or whatsover, I am feeling the same to him too. Maybe he too shy to ask but waiting for me to ask. But, well, I decided to against the notion of asking his number, so I just gave him a nod as thanks. He gave me a smirk in return. We both know this is a one-time-thing rule. Is better to keep it that way. When we done, we walked our separate ways.   


  1. Morning!is really make me feel very hard!
    But until the last,just have feel like the cold water down to my head...
    Soft back..
    But I wonder is which swimming pool?

  2. Please don't use oil based lube with condom. The condom will break. Stay safe!

    1. hey thanks for the tips!

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