Friday, November 20, 2015

Health Check For Sex Disease

Dear Zach,

Today, right after a swim in Bandar Tun Razak pool, I went to the clinic I usually go to to collect my STD/HIV report as my blood and urine were collected for clinical test last Thursday. The results were negative. My last screening was last year October. It has been exactly a year since I last tested. I still remember I was being paranoid last year having myself tested twice in a year. One was on June and another one was on October . Yes. I do have sex, a lot, over of this year. That's why I needed to have a health check, just in case I contracted with anything undesirable. 

For those of you who have sex with more than 5 people, you should have a health check by now. 
And yes I had sex with more than 5 people. 


P.S: You may read the archive back in June and October on the link. 


  1. Be careful!
    Hopefully can see you good news and result on the next.
    Don't know I suddenly hear this song play inside my brain:
    Lonley.i am Mr. Lonley.
    I have nobody...

  2. Good idea to get checked. Glad this is free service in your city.

    Be careful!

  3. Just curious, is it a public clinic? or a private pathology? Perhaps you could share the some info here?

    1. is a public clinic. They do provide such service like collecting samples from patient and outsourcing it to lab for testing. I've been to private pathology in hospital and it costed triple of what I paid for public one. You can try and ask if there's providing such service in public clinic (a decent clinic). Not only for STD but other basic blood test for health check as well. Best is to survey different clinic to find out different services and prices. In Malaysia, the price is usually ranging between RM200 - RM400. I had once paid for RM600++ for it in hospital. Pure daylight robbery.


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