Wednesday, November 11, 2015

When I'm Gone ...

Dear Zach,

Ever since I left my previous job silently, everyone seems to be surprised by my resignation. It's been 3 weeks now, some members only have realized that I was gone for so long. I wouldn't blame them for that. It's because my choice of leaving in not acknowledging the world is far much better than telling everyone that I was leaving in a bad term some sort. 

And I was surprised that some members that I had greeted them in passing in the gym ,whom I won't stop down for a casual chit-chat, pinged me up on Facebook or left a message on Instagram. Now I only truly got the feeling that people only start noticing you when you were gone. 

The first question that would come forward from them would be: "why did u leave?". I couldn't recall how many times and different versions of answers to that particularly unavoidable question. Because each time I think of a way to answer them, I felt unsure of what sort of right answer to give - simply because I just don't want them to know about my intention of leaving. Not that they gonna care about me anyway. I'm pretty sure they just want to bring up a conversation and get it going. 

It felt great and touched when one of my client sent me a greeting from Australia. And I miss the people in the gym so much. Oh well, that's my choice to leave for better option which has yet to be found. 



  1. After this, find a career instead of job. Ok? =]

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