Monday, November 9, 2015

Hardly Working

Dear Zach,

Besides that I am working hard in the gym nowadays, I am not sure whether I was working hard in my job finding. I did send in my application to some company of interest. All I have to do is to wait. If only working hard in the gym could earn a living. And recently I have been spending a few nights in this one guy's home. This was my first when comes to spending a night in someone's place. We cuddled; we talked; we made out; we fucked. I feel comfortable being around with him. There's one time while I was playing his PS4, he sat beside me and started making small peck and caressed my arms, slowly he reached into my pants and grabbed hold of my rock hard boner. He told me to concentrate on the game while he giving me a great blow job. I shot so hard inside of his mouth as I shot one of the villian in the game simultaneously. I told him that that was the best PS4 game play as for the first time playing it. 



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