Saturday, July 19, 2014



Dear Zach,

I come to realize that overthinking can really make your heart weakened due to extensive of sighing for thousand times a day per se.

I have the tendency of overthinking. About my life. Mostly.

Is it really bad to overthink something that you would never know it would happen in future? I just want to think of any possibility of making things right if shits happen in future. I know bad events happen unprecedentedly. Just like the MH17. Gone. Just like that. Having myself planning my future which I don’t have a clue what will happen next as if building something from a scratch. Not exactly a good analogy but whatever.

I tried to talk to somebody. Turned out I got the same response/lecture as everyone had given. “Don’t overthink.”

Is it wrong to find a deeper meaning of my life and relationship by overthinking about it?

Is it wrong to be worried now rather than worry later?

Is it wrong to be worried at all?

I’m just taking precautions for my future sake. No, I am not making my life complicated as it can be. I just wanna make things right.

I can’t blame him for not understanding me. It’s okay. Because I am not the kind of person that people can easily understand.

I just need to be away from everything. Facebook. Instagram. I’ve just deleted them from my phone. I need to be alone and think. And think. And think. And die of overthinking.

Tell me stop overthinking.



It won’t work that way.


  1. Let's put it this way...

    You have an offer to work in JB. Extremely high pay and the experience is rewarding;possibly your dream job.

    But. JB is well known for the theft and all the criminal activities.

    Are you going to stay at where you are because of what you have heard? Despite the experience as well as the pay given?

    You are entitled to think and worry about it; making precautions over them.

    But when you've decided to not go because of all the comments everyone else have give makes you extremely fickle-minded. You don't have your stand.

    So back to overthinking. MH017; MH370; is it only MAS? Air asia crash into another ground the other day too. Same goes to any other airplane out there; some ought to crash.

    Should we stop going to places then? Let's just stay in the ground and not fly.

    What about hit and runs? IF the driver ought to hit you; he ought to.

    Should we stay at home forever to be safe?

    If the burglars out to crash into your house, ransack and kill you in the process; they ought to.

    Now should you be worried?

    Yes, but take precautions; and live with it. Because things which are bound to happen will.

    Digest the analogy, and see if you can still; over think.

  2. Have you read the a very famous book by Dr. Spencer Johnson entitled "Who moved my cheese?" It's a short volume (I finish within 30 minutes) and it shows how different people reacts when circumstances changes. There's nothing wrong with overthinking, it's just human natural respond.

    Go read the book instead of wiki it, it will change your life ;)

    1. no. i don't.
      thanks for recommendation anyway


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