Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Done And Dusted With My Degree!

Dear Zach,

It was done and dusted! Finally I had completed 3 years of my degree life. So much of hardwork had finally paid off.
Despite the fact that I am done with it, I am still not feeling the sense of accomplishment about it. For others, it is a very huge major accomplishment to be able to achieved. Anyway, it is still one step forward to my goal.
Next stop, I will be doing my Master’s.
Yup. I have been planning getting my Master already. In fact, if everything goes well, I will be continuing my studies next year February in UPM. I am really looking forward to next year.



  1. Omg, everyone is coming to UPM for some unknown reason!

    Well, if we stumbled don't forget to say hi ya! I'm usually too tall to notice people because the field of vision is above my chest level hahahaha

    Which faculty?

    1. i have a reason! For Master's.
      Well, I've never been to UPM before and so have I heard it's huge campus.
      I believe we will hardly come across each other since we are in different faculty. hahaha
      Who knows, we might be meeting frequently.

    2. Lol fine, reason accepted.

      It is huge; and seeing from your previous degree you are probably in faculty of science?

      Well, if you don't mind a degree student to bring you around UPM can become easier to stroll with some good food around!

    3. Of course I don't mind having you to bring me around exploring the entire campus!
      I most probably will be in Faculty of Food Sciences. Though I am not sure if my qualification is ready to be accepted. I'll be heading to UPM next week or so most probably to find out whatever it needs to study my masters. The official website has limited info and emailing is very time-consuming. So i will have a go to that place. :D

    4. I see! Best, call over to the faculty before you wish to meet.

      Timbalan Dekan
      (Siswazah, Penyelidikan dan Inovasi)
      Fakulti Sains dan Teknologi Makanan
      Universiti Putra Malaysia
      43400, UPM Serdang
      Selangor, Malaysia
      Tel : +603 8947 1962
      Faks : +603 8946 8251
      Emel: food.research@upm.edu.my

      then you would know if the person you wish to see is around; book an appointment.

      Trust me, 3 years in this university I know how it runs.

      Next week? Haha, good luck. It's raya week; so 95% Muslim staffs. Best make your calls by tomorrow to avoid disappointment.

      Food sciences eh? Haha, I do pass by that faculty for lunch lol. There are great places for lunch; but you need to know people to get them!

    5. thanks.
      Just called and got my info needed.
      I got to say I was kinda disappointed not because they never picked up my call, is because what I did not expect the intake of the semester is on September, not Feb. It doesn't go part of my plan.
      Oh god, I will have to reconsider it if I really want this.

    6. Ugh, bummer. If you would have mentioned it earlier; I would have probably hinted earlier. >.<

      Well,gauge it for yourself; the university is forever there. But; your intentions of continuing your masters may not be. Alternatively; try neighboring universities like UKM or private colleges like Monash if its within your budget,


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