Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stay The Night


Dear Zach,


2014-07-10 14.58.45

Tonight could be my last night staying in my dorm. This is it. Last night sleeping here where I had been sleeping for the past 4 years.

I am happy and sad at the same time about leaving this place. Most probably I am going to miss this second home of mine.

The small cubicle. With only a bed, desk, and built-in wardrobe. A place that I have totally adapted to it so well I couldn’t think of actually leaving this comfort zone of mine sooner than I’ve expected. I could still remember the first time sleeping in this small heaven. The memory is so refreshing in my mind it seemed it happened just yesterday. And plenty of actions happening in this room too! If you know what I meant.

2014-07-09 22.10.28

This room will soon be occupied by another tenant. Be it an asshole or a good-hearted person like me, it will be missed.

Tomorrow I will be packing some of my stuffs back home. Next week I will have my final presentation of my final year project, after that I will be coming back to this room for the last time to pack up the remaining stuffs and bit goodbye to my second home.

I can’t.



  1. You mean one can bring outsider into college dorm? Jinkies! Darn, I missed my fat chance... Haha. Bye bye room XYZ. Oh yeah, just ignore if there's any territorial stains on the wall, below the desk... Haha

  2. I used to stay at h3-48.. 4 years ago.. Missing those time in INTI now

    1. oh wow. what an coincidence. you and I had been staying this room for 4 years.
      Should this be called as fate? lol


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