Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dancing All Night Long


Dear Zach,

Last night, I probably had the best night ever!

No. I did not have sex.

I went dancing in Zouk club in KL town. I didn’t know dancing in the club would have so much of fun.

All the adrenalines and hypes ignited by the blasting music in the confined dance floor. It released me into a different person.

I described best night because I really did not expect to be hit on by a super-duper-hot-blonde-blue-eyes-six-feet-tall-athletic-white guy. Good god, he’s fucking hot. There were several times he pulled me into him whispering something I could barely hear at all under the blasting loud music. At one time, he grabbed the back of my head pulled toward him, for the split second I thought he was trying to kiss me, my friends were in shock too, only to have known that he was whispering something to me but I couldn’t make out what he’s trying to say, so I just gave out my megawalt smile and nodded. But his soft lips caressing my ears sent shivers to my little brother and my inner heart was doing somersault. How I wish I could kiss his soft lips. He smells so good too! I think he’s being friendly. I don’t think he’s gay. But being able to talk to and touch a white guy in such close proximity is probably the best thing ever happened to me!

And the next best thing was that there was this one very handsome cute guy, first I thought he was straight, eventually I realized he wasn’t. He’s gay. He’s definitely gay. He was kinda shy, standing at the side of dance floor, watching people dancing their ass off. I was dancing my ass off meanwhile checking him out intervally. I guess he sensed me checking him out, and then he directed his attention to me while sipping his bottled beer absentmindedly. I gotta say he’s sooooo cute!! He’s totally my type. I kept looking at him while dancing my way on the dance floor, and in return he’s giving out his charming smile to me without taking off his eyes of me. My friend was being a bad girl trying to push me toward him and she did. When we were so close to each other, I wanted turn around to talk to him, or maybe I could dance with him. Out of the blue, his friend, who is 10 years older than him, whispered something to him, he then walked out of the club with him. Just like that. Like never came back inside for the next 10 minutes. I was so frustrated. Mentally and sexually. I just danced like nobody business til my friend asked to leave. When I was outside, I was trying searching out for him but to no avail. Mixture of disappointment and frustration crushed on me. I missed  the chance of talking to a guy who could possibly and potentially be my boyfriend. I just let the chance slipped away. 

Never mind. At least I got to be hit on by a hot white guy. Some consolation price maybe. Besides, I am really happy that I could spot a gay guy or being spotted by in a straight club. It’s so thrilling yet intimidating to try my luck to ‘detect’ people like us. No worry. I did not expect so much for last night. All I ever wanted to do was to throw my hands in the air and dance all night long. And I did.



  1. Nvm la,at least you have enjoy a great hot night.
    Just only read,also can feel at the time what you feel.😁
    (P/s:sorry ah,English very very poor..)

    1. ya. will be going to other club. maybe MP.

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