Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shitty-days Syndrome


Dear Zach,

Work has been deliberately dreadful. I’ve had survived 4 weeks of dreadfulness and I cringe to think of enduring the remaining 12 weeks of shitty days. When you have a shitty day, you would not be surprised how shittier your day would have turned out. This shitty-days syndrome is persisting since the day I started my internship in this company. It was so happening throughout the 4 weeks and I couldn’t get a breather out of that. My acne-prone face is being a bitch lately, after so many injection for reduction of swelling, there goes a new one popping up out of nowhere. I’m sick of it. Really tiring to be holding up to be a tough man. Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on a path to wonderful things that will ever happen to us.



  1. Gambateh!!All things will be turn good!
    Just need to keep this faith,be positive��

  2. Everyone has his/her own shitty days... most importantly is to stay positive and focus~
    The shitty part will be disappear soon and you will feel better...
    All the best to you dude~

    1. hopefully it will. Thanks for dropping by.


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