Monday, September 29, 2014

Home Of Loves


Dear Zach,

Teardrops had stopped pouring down endlessly from the sky.

I sitting in front of my desk with the white screen of my laptop greeting me with warm welcome, urging me to write this down.

I contemplate about anything. Laying back, listening to the sound of my dad talking with my mum, chuckling about losing the lottery, my mum endless complains about his bad hearing hysterically, funnily enough my innocent good-heartedly dad had never complained about being complaint by his own wife. This is so normal in my home. And it feels home.

I love how normal our lives are. It wasn’t perfect in anyway, but it is still home to me – a place where I can find comfort and, most importantly, loves.


  1. Em...most important have love..
    Very appreciated still have family care us..
    We are the lucky one..

  2. no matter where on earth i may roam,there's just no place like home :)

  3. No place like home that make me so comfortable, especially after a long day.


© Dear Zach
Maira Gall