Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What would you do to forget someone you had almost fallen in love with?


Dear Zach,

What would you do to forget someone you had almost fallen in love with?

It ain’t easy to scrap everything about him off your mind. But there’s something you could do to suppress the true feeling, slowly ebb away as the time goes by.

I would delete his phone number – removed every means of his communication from my phone so that I would not have the temptation to make a call. Even though he does not realize it, I could not be bothered either. This is the only way you would not have to bring up the sadness whenever you come across his number on your phone. I did. Very effectively. If he doesn’t have the courtesy to call you as he promised, he is not a keeper at all.

Next move is the drastic one – block him on Facebook. If he by any chance ask you why he couldn’t view your profile or why you block him, the best excuse is: “Oh. I had stopped playing Facebook already.” Which deep down in your heart, is totally untrue. You think he does not even bother if you did this. So why should you even care if he does not even care?

Last one – pretend that you did not know him when you happen to pass by him in a shopping mall. It the best way to show him in his face that his is a stranger to you. If he approaches you, then it’s time to bring on your act worthy of Oscar nominees, acting surprise which you are not, and say “Oh! Hi. I did not know that was you.” which you did know but you couldn’t care less.

Everything I wrote is bitchy-mean. Well, they are the ways for me to forget what it should be forgetting. What’s yours?



  1. i would love him silently...because that is true love...if we deeply love someone, we would never even think about hurting them in our dreams...but if we think of doing bad things to them after a misunderstanding or breakup, i don't think that is love....

    besides, we are just humans, we can't even read another person's mind...so how sure we can be that the person doesn't love us ?

    just my thought......

    1. maybe i did not fall in love with him at all. Nearly though.

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