Sunday, September 14, 2014

Drown In It


Dear Zach,

Dark grey clouds were covering all over the blue sky. It was threaten to have a heavy downpour. I woke up to a feeling of heavy and can’t help but feeling a tiny bit sentimental. Every day I wake up to a same routine that I will have to get used to somehow – work, gym, and sleep. I am surprised of the pace of time passing by so quickly. One moment Sunday had gone, the next Sunday is here. It was like I had lost in time. I couldn’t remember clearly what I did in between. Maybe it’s the boring stuffs I tend to forget.

Whenever I came back home from work, I wanted to pick up my phone and tell somebody about how terribly bad my day has turned out. I halted – looking aimlessly at the bright screen shimmering back at me, challenging me to call someone. I frustratingly slammed down my phone, knowing the fact that I have no one real close to talk to. Even if I have they are far away from where I am now. Or they could have forgotten about me. I dismissed the idea real quick before it gets to me.

I know this is not the time to be buddy-buddy with everyone. In fact, it’s time to show what you are capable of. If people absent during my struggle, so I don’t expect myself acknowledge them when I success.


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  1. If you really need someone to talk, you can always buzz in though! Drop an email to have mah number and lets talk~ muahahahhahaa


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