Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How could I even smile now?


Dear Zach,

Having a smile on your face makes you approachable and friendlier. It’s true.

But I’ve hardly done it. It’s just too tiring to work out the edge of my lips to be curving upward, pretending I am more than fine when I was having a bad day.

I never pretended to be happy. I set my mouth in grim line when I am upset; I am happy when I feel happy. Too much smiling people may start to think you are such a phony. Because no one in the right mind would constantly smiling in facing whatever ahead of him. Maybe there is.

I want to smile. But I couldn’t with everything stressed up and the work I hated so much.

I couldn’t smile – with the news about petrol price increased another 20 cents. Which is fucking absurd.

I couldn’t smile because the rich will get richer; the poor will get poorer.

I couldn’t smile because I will have a very bad year next year as predicted by the lady temple.

With all those negativities stuffing inside my throat, I am lucky enough not to be suffocated by that. How could I even smile now?


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    1. hi. i know u have tried to impose some of your thoughts in comment on my post i appreciate it but I don't appreciate the sarcasms, just so you know.

    2. so sorry, just got carried away

  2. you can always try chewing gum.. that way youre not forcing yourself to smile, you freshen your breath, and you look approachable, trust me, it works! :) have fun chewing! :)

    1. i should consider doing that.

  3. I believe the rain finally stop,the sunshine whatever will come out.
    Just be strong.
    All will be fine.
    (P/s:If the sunshine don't come out,trust me,is just because the day is cloudy. :-p)


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