Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Emerging of My Inner Hoe Cont. : Failure To Saying "No"

Dear Zach,

I went to the swimming pool as usual today for suntanning. Sadly, the sun wasn't strong enough to get heated up. By the time I reached the usual spot there were 2 guys already laying there nude. One of them has a perfect nice bubble butt i can't resist to steal glances at his ass. Fast forward to later, one fellow left and only left us both alone. I turned my back facing on my stomach with my naked ass. Moment later, I felt a movement by my side. Before I knew it, I was being sensually caressed on my ass. It was him the nice ass guy. I was about to say no to him. But it felt so good yet so wrong doing it in open public area. He basically touched every part of my back. Gropping my ass and thumbing my ass hole for more, sliding his hand underneath to get a touch my dick. To cut it short, he was furiously sucking my cock, boy he was hungry as fuck. By now, I let my guard down and enjoy being blowed so hard. I turned him over and rimmed his ass so hard. He's a bottom I guess. And I came in his mouth hard. 

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  1. oh that's sounds hot, but where? I wanna join :p


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