Monday, June 9, 2014

Health Screening for What-it-should-not-be-having


Dear Zach,


I received a call from hospital this morning saying that my pathology report has arrived as I did my checkup exactly a week ago.

I was hoping I wouldn’t get what I should not be getting like last December this time.

Oddly enough, I didn’t feel the anxiousness at all; maybe I have prepared myself for the worst. I walked in the health screening department to ask for my report, within seconds they pulled out one of the recent files and showed it to me.

It showed “negative” for all.

I was relief. Even though I was confident enough to know that I would be okay. But seeing the results on the piece of official printed parchment, which either do you to dead or keep you alive, had made me even much more relief.

After all, having a good health is of important than anything else in the world that I ever own.



  1. Thank God. Waiting for the report is probably the worst time ever.

    1. true though . but i didn't feel dreadful during waiting period. i felt calm and relax about it.


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