Monday, December 26, 2016

Summary Of The Year

Dear Zach,

1. I had plenty of sex. But less than 10 guys I had sex with. I can't remember. I've lost count.

2. I had raw sex with 3 guys this year. One is an asshole; One is an old fling; One is my friend from other continent. I've to admit that sex with them was mind-blowing.

3. I had sex-dated 2 guys. Both of which didn't last more than a month. And one of them has the smallest dick I've ever seen. Nice body. But still no.

4. I never had a proper date at all. Because their ultimate goal was to get inside my pants and fuck the shit out of me.

5. I had hooked up with 4 guys in the gym shower room. Four of them were Malay. Two of them have giant cocks to die for.

6. The oldest guy I had sex with was 50-year-old, whereas the youngest lad I had sex with was 18 year-old - I told myself whoever age lower than me is off limit, but he's exception, he has nice thick 6 inches dick and he fucked me real good.

7. I had sex with an aussie fellow with 7 inches cock. Thing got pretty nasty when having sex with him. But I liked it.

8. I did try to be top twice. It was a failure and I did not enjoy it at all.

9. I am using Hornet, Jack'd, and Tinder to get hook up.

10. I had blown numerous cocks throughout the year. Malay cocks are my favorite.

11. I had sex in the swimming pool shower room 6 times. Blowjob too many times.

12. I had sex with a straight guy from the pool who fucked the shit out of me so good.

13. I had sex with this Mister International whom he nudged me at Instagram. Hot body and shit but kinda sucks in bed.

14. I had hooked up with a hot straight supermodel 3 times but never had sex once. He enjoyed my sucking skills and always willing to spend 40 min travelling distance to my place whenever I booty call him. He has terrible kissing skill to be honest.

15. I had threesome twice this year. It was gone-with-the-wind fabulous. Need I say more, I was basically thoroughly fucked in the end.

16. I am officially a pure bottom.

17. I had left 3 jobs with unhappy ending.

18. I got my certification as international certified personal trainer with no proper job.

19. I am becoming more and more anti-social.

20. I spent most of my day at home. Ever refusing to go out.

21. I am forever finding the right job.

22. I read less than 10 books this year. My brain is rotting.

23. I'm getting more and more petty and impatient.

24. I hooked up more than I ever going out.

25. I spent most of my time on Instagram, leaving comment, exchanging nudes, and post sexually provocative pictures,

26. I didn't receive any present for my Birthday nor Christmas Day.

27. I didn't wish any of my friend for their birthday as I've been always reminded by facebook. It's annoying.

28. I spent most of my money in food wise.

29. I only look the best during my brother's wedding day. Suit up and all.

30. I invited guys back home for sex while my parents asleep at night.

31. I did post an ad on Craigslist for seeking sugar daddy. Twice. I was desperate.

32. I always took nap.

33. I had one achievement this year. Refer to no.18.



  1. Did you really make a diary of every sex you had? Or these were just a tip of an iceberg that you have vivid memory etched in your mind? 13 and 14 sound interesting :)

    1. I remembered as much as I could. Like I said, I had plenty of sex with regular guys but no more than 10 guys in total. That doesn't include blowjob.

  2. How about another gym job? or freelance trainer?


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