Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Emerging of My Inner Hoe Cont.

Dear Zach,

The sexual encounters have been unstoppable. I hooked up with a hot tanned guy at the pool few days back. I think he's been stalking me on Instagram and now that we bumped into each other. I can't resist to taste him. I was suntanning with my butt naked by the balcony, he walked up to the stairs and walked past me as I was nodding off. Moment later, I realized him he was there with his hot shot tanned body with dark trunk. We threw each other dirty glances but no bold enough to make a move. Fast forward later, he asked for my number and we sucked each other in his car. I cum in his mouth as a car purposely drove past by ours. He dropped me off at my car and promised to meet again.

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