Saturday, January 24, 2015

What Am I To Do With My Life?


Dear Zach,

Thing between me and my parents is getting better. Though there’s undeniable fact that the barrier between us is still remain standstill. I don’t blame them – at least they still talk to me nevertheless.

I did mention that I am an overthinker – a person who tend to think too much. Well, I’ve been having so much insecurities and doubts for my future – in terms of career prospect I would say. Even though I mentioned that I didn’t want to stay in the office doing the same old shit for everyday, every month, or every years, I can’t help but feeling this kind of career is where the promising prospect comes into place. I ask myself everyday, Do I really want this kind of job? So that my dream is at least reachable?

It’s true that the salary of most office job is relatively higher than being a fitness instructor itself. I’ve read about articles about the pros and cons of being a fitness instructor and it usually shows rather more cons than pros itself. Fear kicking in my gut and I wonder if I should change my decision before it’s too little too late. But the only thing to convince me that there’s good prospect in this career is the articles I have read is statistically proven in USA itself – not in Malaysia.

I know I shouldn’t think too much. It’s really tiring to think too much about this. The reason why I chose PT is because I don’t want to do boring office job. But boring office job gives you higher salary than you would expect. I mean there’s always something bad and good in one decision. It’s not always perfect and granted for my wish. But the question is: Does my dream is still reachable regardless what job I choose? Do I really want this job? The answer is Yes.

What’s stopping me? I have no idea.

How am I to know what’s right?

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