Friday, January 2, 2015

In 2015 … I will


Dear Zach,

1. I will gain 10 kg heavier of my current weight. It sounds impossible because it is impossible. I had tried gaining 5 kg last year but it failed. Miserably. So let’s get the stake higher and be impossible again.

2. I will monitor my expenditure by not spending on unnecessary items. Which probably impossible because these items I spent on are my modal kits and novels, my two favorite things, in which it will cost a quite amount of my money. There’s nothing unnecessary there but my expenditure will surely be increased.

3. I will try to stop swearing and being sarcastic. My job nature requires me to be highly professional by putting a good image on myself and behalf of the company. But that will not stop me from cursing in my car during the highly packed traffic hours.

4. I will smile. Constant smiling. Even though I will have a bad day. But I will not smile to people whom I make enemy with.

5. I will minimize the frequency of sleeping with guys. I try not to use the terms ‘sleeping around’ because it sounds too slutty of me. But, still. I can’t deny the fact that this whole sentence sounding as whoring as it can be. FYI, I am not.

6. I will be more socialized. I will try to initiate some random small talk with people. Hopefully, I won’t get slapped or spitted. But the notion itself is getting on me.

7. I will keep in touch with people that I had lost in touch. But their phone contacts have been long gone, that will have to wait for them to text me first. So, I will wait til then.

8. I will do a good deed as often as possible. Scientific proven that doing charitable work can make a happy human being. Please do not be mistaken by the meaning of it. It creates good mood; Not breeding a newly born human being.

9. I will appreciate and be grateful for what I will have and be given. Appreciation is the best foreplay.

10. I will speak less and listen more. This is highly applicable when your opponent is full of himself so that you can judge him silently.

11. I will be patient, calm, forgiving, rational, and tolerate with all the negativities … for the first time. If there’s a second wave of it coming, I won’t be so much a fucking sane person anymore, he will have another one coming from me. 

12. I will make this blog more interesting than ever. By interesting, it doesn’t mean that I will include my nude photos and selfies – I don’t take selfie anyway. I will write even more words than it already does. Just joking.



Not sure all above are doable. Let’s see.



  1. talk to me. and join kasih hospice volunteer.. :P

    1. oh! where is that? Volunteer for what occasion?

    2. visit hospital kl twice/once a month, talk to patients.

    3. omg seems like a brilliant idea.


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